Bondi Junction @ Setia Walk, Puchong

Have you been to Bondi Junction yet? Well, if you have not, please do visit them. The reason simply for the foods, something that is worth for every penny. 

Just so you know that Bondi is Sydney's "city beach" and also one of the best-known places in Australia. Not only it is the city's nearest beach, it also happens to be its best beach. In summer, it does its duty as a surfing and sun-bathing Mecca, drawing thousands on weekdays and tens of thousands at weekends (weather permitting) to its broad curve of white sand and its curling blue-green waves. When the cooler weather comes, it still has its sun-worshipers and surfers, but then Bondi's other attractions become the main drawing-card... it cafes and restaurants, the city's doorstep on which it laps so faithfully. Without further ado, let's check out what are their signature dishes! 
Mushroom Soup (RM11)
We're so in love with the Mushroom Soup at here! It was served in rich and creamy fresh button mushroom and served together with toast. You could have it by dip the crispy toasted bread into the mushroom soup or just the soup alone. The soup was so fragrant and loving the texture of the soup as it feels like you can taste the chunks of mushrooms in your mouth. Yums!

Roasted Pumpkin and Red Capsicum (RM11)
If you are not into mushroom, you can always opt for the Roasted Pumpkin and Red Capsicum! Pumpkin is never in my favorite list but this could be the exception. The roasted pumpkin was served with herbs and capsicum soup, accompanied by toasted broad that allow you to enjoy the crispy toasted bread go along with the soup. Delicious indeed.

Foccacia Bread (RM25)
Fluffy bread!
This is a must-try at Bondi Junction! The Focaccia Bread was quite special and it was topped with black olives. It was served together with 3 different types of dips - sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and parsamigo. What I enjoyed the most for this bread definitely for its fluffy texture and it goes well with either one of the dips prepared. Oh wait, you have to pre-order this Focaccia Bread before you come as it has to be be freshly baked. The portion for this bread quite huge that can be shared for a group of 8-10 pax.

Chicken Lasagna (RM18)
Beef Lasagna
Lasagna lovers going to love both Chicken Lasagna and Beef Lasagna! You could see the obvious layers of each pastas and it was stuffed with generous amount of the fillings of chicken/beef mixed with white sauce. Something special here, you could spot the first layer was just cheese and the moment you put it into your mouth, it melts and loving the creaminess within it.

Meat Lover (RM25)
You can get a fix on your pizza craving at Bondi Junction too! It was not in round shape but more like triangle shape that allow you to eat it up easily. The Meat Lovers pizza topped with generous amount of turkey ham, pepperoni, minced beef, onion, capsicum, olive and mozzarella cheese. With this huge portion of serving, it certainly suitable for sharing!

Bondi Special (RM27)
Yet another signature dish would be the Bondi Special! This pizza topped with generous amount of basil pesto, olive, sun-dried tomato, capsicum, pepperoni, egg, onion and mozzarella. It tasted slightly different from the Meat Lovers and it more on herbs and less meaty in a way. The side of the crust was crispy and crunchy and soft and fluffy for the inside.

Stuffed Seafood Chicken (RM32)
Stuffed Seafood Chicken, something new to me and surprisingly quite delicious. The pan seared chicken roulade stuffed with chopped seafood served with pistachio sauce, braised green and grilled herbs potatoes. Who would have thought chicken and seafood would be a great combination as this? And of course, it's worth to have it. ^^

Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM30)
The Chicken Cordon Bleu being one of the signature dishes at Bondi Junction, you could enjoy the tender and juicy chicken breast meat with a slice of ham in it. It was served together with greek salad and potato wedges. I love to dip it with the special sauce prepared for it! :p

Roasted Salmon with Red Pesto (RM32)
Salmon is one of my most favorite dish! The Roasted Salmon with Red Pesto is certainly another must try dish at here. All you need to do is order and a plate of well presented over roast salmon that served together with special pesto, braised greens and grilled wages will be yours. 

Classic Apple Pie (RM10)
It's finally comes to the dessert part! Classic Apple Pie, how about enjoying a sweet apple fillings with crunchy crust? It was heavenly good and even better to eat it with the vanilla ice cream! 

Cream Brulee (RM10)
A complete meal that comes with sweet dessert! I would say the Cream Brulee that served at here is rather special and slightly different from the ordinary one for its not being too sweet and the smooth custard in the inside just brings the joy in me! 

Le boyfriend could not resist how fragrant this cup of Latte and how smooth it could be. Most importantly, it tasted really great! Bondi Junction certainly a good place to gather and enjoy the good foods and drinks with fellow friends and family.

Bondi Junction
F-03-1, Block F, Setia Walk,
Persiaran Wawasan Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong
Tel No: 019 3112816
Business Hour :Tue-Sat(8am-10pm) Sun(10am-10pm)
(for easy access park at A2 zone, use Lift F3 3a above Ding Tea