Picnic at Lagoon Park, Karambunai Beach.

 As I mentioned in my previous post that I am going to blog about my picnic with a bunch of peeps last Thursday. 
The Thursday was the Malaysia Day. :D

The journey quite long from our place and everyone haven't had their brekkie yet.
We stopped by to take our brekkie while waiting for Simon to come.

Are you seeing the same faces before?
Yes we are the gang who went to Manukan Island together last time. 

We arrived there and gotta pay for the entrance fee.
RM10 each. Expensive aye??

It was a very pleasant sunny day!
We're quite late and all the nice spot for picnic all taken by other groups of family. :S
Everyone blamed Simon for being late!!! 

Oh well, thank God that we managed to get one nice place with the barbecue tools. :)
Anyway, Simon and cousin punished to prepare food for us then.

The overview of the park. :D
Nice weather right? 

The dudes in the group enjoy looking at the bikini girls just next to our place.
Okie, another one of the gang regret for not coming after we uploaded those pictures!

Foods for the day.
Look just nice right? :p
The chicken wings and sausages marinated for the whole night!

While waiting for the dudes preparing the foods, Mel and I went look around and snapped some pictures together. :)
We saw many tourist on the banana boat and some of them were kayaking at there.

Too many pictures and I guess most of you can see it from my facebook there. ;)

Oh! There's a huge chessboard for the guests to play.

Kong and I didn't play it.
Just so you know that the sun is damn hot and of course not going to play under the hot sun!
We took some pictures there too! *heee*

Simon the cook and Debrah the eater. :p

Simon found this two creatures at there.
I don't know what is this actually and he gave it to me. :S

Alive one! :D

We didn't play much water on that day.
Everyone just relax and unwind themselves at there. :)




Last but not least, ME!!! :P

We walked around there and guess what?
I met my brother and his friend at there. *lol*

So... we managed to take some pictures together! *hehe*

I think I didn't mention that Kong can play nice guitar in my previous post right?
Well he did. 
He played the song Tears in Heaven very nicely. :)
Psst!! Girls can easily fall in love with it. ;p

My turn to play!!
Okie I don't know how to play it.
I am not Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift.

I love all the pictures taken.
Just showing some of it... :)

Actually the dudes played football at there too.
Too bad that us, girls busy camwhoring and didn't take any picture of them playing football!

After we cleaned our place, we went around and took few group pictures of us. ;)

I <3 this pictures a lot!

And of course this is the BEST one! :D

We all had lotsa fun and relaxed ourselves there too.
Enjoy the foods in a pleasant weather, err maybe quite hot day too.

See how happy I am?

After that, some of us didn't back home straight away.
We went to Larry and Vince Farmstay for a visit.
I'm going to blog about it in the next post. ;)


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  1. CHOPPPPPPPPPPPP 1ST....see witch can actsy or not!! hahahahaha

  2. Haiya...go the the beach post and no photos in sexy bikinis!!! Tsk! Tsk!!!

  3. ish....too many photos..load slow wan...hehehe

  4. neva mention wifey sleeps there? hehe XD

  5. @Eric Lee hahaha!! okie hubby the 1st one. LOL!

  6. @suituapui heiyerrr!! tak dapat take closely baaaa. hahahaha!! later dey sue us, how? LOL!!

  7. @GAGAY yes i had lotsa fun there! :D Happy Saturday too GG!

  8. @Eric Lee then ah.. no need come here dy lor! hmph! where got burned!! ngam ngam one ok! hmph!

  9. food looks yummy, i dont think i dare to touch the starfish though

  10. wow, this seems to be a very nice place to hang out!!

  11. and i guess it's even better to go there with a gang of nice people just like what you have..

  12. hehehe, i like the idea of BBQ there, and the sausages and wings looks very yummy!! :)

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  14. Looks like really fun time u had with your colleagues..

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  16. @[SK]Hahaha yea very nice place indeed. ;) eh u can play around one. quite heavy though. LOL!

  17. @reanaclaire haha yeap but they r not my colleagues. ;)

  18. Plenty of interesting place in Sabah, huh?

  19. Wow! What an exciting outing! And the starfish! Geli!!

  20. Wow! Nice... and you look gorgeous in the pixs. Btw, where are the bikini girls ?? LOL

  21. I heard of that place but this is the first time I am seeing the photos! You had good company that made it more FUN & MERRY!

  22. BTW I am SK's Anay and SK is my Thamby...!

  23. wah boyfie chopped edi he he... morning Caroline!

  24. wow so many pics..i like! looks like u guys had a great time sweetie ;)

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  26. Oso love that huge chess board, did u play?

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    yea indeed lotsa fun! ;D

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  31. @Monica Need to pay ler. cz actually diz oen is for Nexus Resort's guests i think. heee

  32. hey caroline! as usual your trip looks so much fun!

  33. by the way I have an award for you here congrats!

  34. the water is soo blue and the foodies look so yummy!

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  38. Caroline,
    e-mail me your address. Will send you the book.

    My e-mail is khengsiong dot chew at google dot com

  39. @_el@i_ hi Elai! :D yeaaa much fun! hehe. thanks for d award, will try to make it asap okie? ;)

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