Vedablu, Simply Natural!

Vedablu, sounds familiar eh?
Remember my rush hour visit there??
Stephanie decided to go for a last dinner with me before I left the to KL.
It was finally my officially last day to work at there and the place that we headed for the farewell dinner was Vedablu.

Upon entering, there is a side with simple yet welcoming setting for customers to chillaxing.

The entire wall decorated with assorted menu of ice creams!
Everything so tempting and I can't wait to sit and try it!

Various flavors of Italian ice creams to choose from, and this is the part I just couldn't resist.
I just wish I can have all of 'em!

For those walk-in customer who wanted to take away can actually choose types of waffle cones for their ice creams. There is normal one, chocolate dipped, chocolate dipped with almond and also chocolate dipped with color rice cones.

Those who don't prefer cones and prefer basket? No worries!
There also four types of baskets for you to choose for!

If you prefer your ice creams with some toppings, go ahead!
Some for you to choose from, almonds, chocolate rice, peanuts and almond caramel.
You know well they can make your ice cream look and taste wonder!

After get a table for two, we were given a menu each.
For the night, we just wanted to have a simple yet memorable dinner.
It doesn't took long for us to get our order.

I opt for the Beef Bolognese and my choice of pasta - spiralli.
! It is actually the minced meat served with a generous amount of Vedablu freshly prepared tomato concasse enriched with Italian herbs and spices.

While Stephanie settled herself with the Chicken Alfredo.Smiley
It is prepared with the delicious white cream sauce and topped with sliced chunky grilled chicken breast.
I would say both pastas tasted equally delicious and we love it and satisfied with the foods.
For dessert, we both go for the Fruit Pudding.

Fruit Pudding - Delicious and refreshing chilled fruit pudding served with blueberry sauce and topped with a scoop of your favorite Vedablu Ice cream.

A very FRUTILICIOUS dessert!
It was indeed one of the meaningful dinner I ever had.
Delicious pasta goes with the yummylicious ice cream, it really never go wrong!Smiley
There's also range of ice cream cakes and cupcakes served there!
I bet everyone love it muchie!