F.O.X Makeover @ Parkson, Sunway Pyramid

After had brunch with Eric and the family on the Sunday, we then headed to Parkson at Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Rebecca to collect vouchers that we won through her blog!
We joined Rebecca for her lunch at Cappriciosa and finally tried the Affogato that Eric had been telling me all this while!

Alright, Eric loves this very much, but not to me, I just love the ice cream on the top!!
The espresso way toooooo bitter and I don't like it!
I've tried the pumpkin pie that Rebecca ordered for herself, I found it very delicious!!!
Pumpkin lover surely love it very much!

F.O.X = Fusion Of eXpressions

We proceed to F.O.X booth at Parkson after the lunch and it's makeover time!

There's a range of make up products for you to choose for!
Ladies gonna love this!

See! I bet it's hard for you to choose which color you prefer!

Yay! I got TWO vouchers from Rebecca!

Am with the TWO vouchers!
Yes! You can see it is a complimentary 15 mins make-up lesson.

My very own photographer!!
Nahhh~ That's Eric of course!

I've met few beauty bloggers at there and it was fun to meet them!
And we start exchange twitter handle and blog's url too.

The lifestyle blogger, Aim Aris and Caroline

I was excited to learn some make-up skill and dang! They need to snap a BEFORE & AFTER look!!

And... err yea this is the ugly me.

The make-up artist showed me few technics in how to shape the eyebrows, how to apply foundation on face, what's the correct way to apply eye shadows, etc.
Fuuuu!! There's a lot to learn and surprised me that it's actually not that difficult to do it!
15 mins is really enough time to make yourself looks stunning! Trust me!

So, she actually finished up the half of my face, and I had to do another half of my face by myself.
I was like... GOSH! and luckily she is there to guide and helped me too.

Everything done and am soo happy!

Happy and now gotta prepare for AFTER look!Smiley

How do I look after the make-up?

I chose to sit.

Look at my gorgeous and talented make-up artist for the day!

So yea, have to let their photographer snap my AFTER make-up look.

It doesn't take long, I just need to listen to his command and am all done!

Oh well, this one of course by my dear Eric!

They printed out the picture of my shot finely...

...and I just need to leave my signature on it.

And there you go, am on the display too!

Great thing, I was given another copy of my shot as one of the sweet memories of mine!
I enjoyed the day a lot and of course trying to not forget every lesson I got there! *oops*