A Change...

It's kinda hard for me to face this changes too... Am glad for peoples that tried to make me feels like home at here. Needless to say that there's no doubt that am going to miss home a lot and of course my sisters! And I know I can always back to visit everyone I miss in Kota Kinabalu!

A change that consider a big change in my life, being far apart from family and friends... Not an easy one yet I try to view it at another point of view and I know there's something to venture..

Dear former colleagues,

It's Monday and it felt so strange that I'm not seeing you all as usual, I miss you all, and am wondering if you guys realized my absence there, as I felt it, my life now less a lot laughters from you all.
There's lots thing to miss for sure...

* I miss while waiting for the main door to open and we all gathered and start chit chat and complaining about the smell comes from the full-with-dog's-poo dog's cage.
* I miss we actually start the day with laughter and it cheered me up when I was not in the mood for work..
* I miss how we shared yummylicious snacks and start praising how nice how yummy is that!
* I miss how Ms Chang stuffed us with delicious homemade cheesecakes!
* I miss our food hunting journeys during those lunch times.
* I miss how we can rants and comforting each other to make others feel much better.
* I miss how we helped each other in dealing some difficulties in work.
* I miss how everyone pampered me and calling me "budak" and even "bullied" me!
And...yes... there's lots more..

Dear Boss,

Thanks for hired me and gave me the opportunities to learn and gained more experiences! Love the little gift that you given to me! And also do forgive me for my careless mistakes that I've made all the while. I would say he's the youngest boss ever I've worked with!

Cute lil green seahorse given by boss! ;)

Dear Ms Chang,

Thanks for your patience in guiding me on something that's really NEW to me and sorry too for my carelessness and made a mess on certain parts of the accounts at the first! Thanks for those homemade cheesecakes! Thanks for intro us with something fresh and great!

Dear Stephanie,

You happened to be the closest one with me, and doubtless that you're also the one that I hard to leave too. You're my mommy in the office! Poor you gotta deal with naughty me and Kenny! Seeing your teary eyes made me felt hard and kinda dilemma. I wish that's the tear of joy and wishing me lucks. Your text "Take Care My Girl..." teared me out after read it. I miss U!!

Dear Olivia,

You're someone that always tried to be strongest one in dealing with anything. You can bear with anything. You always gives us a broad smiles even though you're in tense. A sister-like to me too! You even shared some of your opinions and experiences with me and that's somehow left an impact to me which is in a good way too. 

Dear Ms Yong, Jessica, Donna Ella,

Jessica, Ms Yong & Ella

Dona & Jessica

Am not really close with you all, nevertheless, I wish lucks and success for all of you. I also hope we all can work freely and happily without letting our own emotions conquering us hence caused poor working performance. Am not saying am perfect but ones shouldn't let it affect us especially during work. Sometimes, we should really put some effort on learning some new stuffs instead of just waiting for the work come to us.

Dear Alex,
You're my new colleague! I would say you're somewhat cheerful one! You've treated me like a small kid and made me laughed almost all the time with your funny acts! Thanks for the tausa pau & also the bubble teas you'd treated me!


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