Happy Holy Easter Sunday!

I rarely blog on Sunday but on this special occasion, yours truly would love to wish everyone especially Christian a blessed and holy Easter Sunday!
I used to attend the mass service for Holy Thursday, Good Friday till the Easter Sunday back at Kota Kinabalu. Now, am at KL, my mom is not here to accompany me and there's no such holiday on the Good Friday. It was really something I really missed a lot.

It was such a joy and blessing when dear Eric offer to bring and accompany me to the Catholic church at here. I was excited and kinda worried at the same time as this is the first time for me to join other communities especially those am not familiar with.

However, upon stepped into the church, it's doesn't give me any awkward feeling but it's just feel so familiar.
There're so many of them and looking at those families reminds me of my mom.

Although Eric is not a Christian, he doesn't and never ever complaint of any boredom he felt during the mass.
He even joined it with me. Thanks love!

There're nothing much different and I was touched by those families who actually hugged each other at the end of the mass. Especially when the sons and daughters starts hugging and giving a kiss to their parents. How lovely is that.

I got myself a bracelet with a cross on it.
Thanks God for the blessing days!