Haunted Jelly! =O

It's mid-week already!
Don't you excited and looking forward for the weekend?!
 I went to Snowflake at Kota Damansara with PeiPei yesterday and as usual I love to snap pictures!
Sea Amber Jelly

Just when I arrived home and transfering pictures to the pc and found out something!!
I have another copy of the it and it looks like this!!


Can you spot the difference in this picture??
Look at the clear jelly part near the black pearls.
If you can't spot it, let me show you the clearest one!


I snapped this table calendar and it appeared again!!


I then snapped on this paper, here she is again!!
Oh well, after that then I know it is actually the ghost effect on my phone's camera apps!
See! Using a smartphone is really cool and great but then even myself also scared of it!!!Smiley
I had a hard time to get to sleep last night just because of the pictures!
For Android user, go download the awesome camera apps - Camera360 which comes with MANY EFFECTS and it will keep your original copy of the shots too!
So, this explained why I have two copies of the non-haunted and haunted pictures in my phone.


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