Silverspoon Cafe @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

Don't get confused with this and my previous post about the Silverspoon Trattoria at Kepong kay? It's a totally different dining concept! Well, being in this area (The Strand) so often, it's hard to stop myself to start hunting over place for foods around here. Just so you know that there is lotsa restaurants, cafes and bars at this area too. So, when I found this Silverspoon Cafe, and seriously didn't realized it is sooooooooooo near to me! I just text Merryn if we can try this new place.
Silver Spoons just next to Reliance at The Strand
Upon entering this cafe, it was cozy and quite comfortable I would say. There's also kids area too! We choose the table that nearest to the kid's area so that Ethan can play with the toys and plushies at there. Me likey!!
Kid's area with plushies and toys
Anyway, we looked through the menu and actually they're serving some western foods too! Kid's meal available too! So many foods and don't know what to choose. Oh well, that's for lunch and the waiter informed us about the lunch set promotion.

Chinese Fried Rice
Silverspoon Fried Rice
Iced Lemon Tea
As you can see, each fried rice were cooked with prawns and cuttlefish, and with an egg and fish crackers.
I prefer the Chinese Fried Rice as the Silverspoon Fried Rice kinda spicy to me. But overall, both tasted good! The serving portion quite huge too.Smiley

Noodle Soup

I didn't know how's the taste for this Noodle Soup but Merryn seems nothing complaint with it so I guess it's all right. Anyway, I don't really like my noodle with so many vegetable!

Pattaya Fried Rice

Taste is right, the egg is right, but one thing.... Why there is no tomato/chili sauce on top of it??? 
The Happy "Submarine"
Well I don't mind returning to this cafe and in fact we've returned for second time already. The foods also won't burn a hole in your pocket too! I would want to try something else maybe their pasta or fish and chips next!