Delicious Mille Crepe Cake @ Food Foundry

I've been craving for some yummylicious cakes for a while, gotta "blame" my former colleagues for stuffed  me with her delicious homemade cheesecakes last time. The Chocolate Cake at "The Baker" at Sunway Giza couldn't satisfy my cravings for cakes. At all of the sudden, Eric said " Tomorrow we go eat crepe cake. " I was sooooo happy to hear that! It's not like he knows about my cravings or perhaps he knew it already?

Just after fetched his mom and sister to Sunway Pyramid, we continued our journey to none than other places but Food Foundry. After the my first visit to Food Foundry, I'd already fell in love for the yummy crepe cake that I had before at there.

Though we had little difficulties on our way there as Eric doesn't remember how to get there and worst thing is he forgot to bring the handphone which means no gps. We called Witch and Merryn for the rescue! Thanks for the guides and we finally get there!

I still think the location for Food Foundry is not strategic as others. Anyway, once you got the way, yes it's easy to reach there.

I just wondering if it's only me or others too wondering why they didn't improvise their menu book or maybe at least laminate it? Ahh well, who cares? As long as I can eat the crepe cakes that I've been craving for so long.

I looked around and the moment I saw there's new flavors of crepe cakes available, I ordered it immediately! The new flavors that available at that time were Durian and Mango crepe cake. Both are my favorites! Each crepe cakes cost RM 9 and it better be good!

Durian Crepe Cake ( RM 9 )
Can you see each layers of the thin pancakes in between are so creamy? It was perfectly made!

After a bite of it, gosh! It tasted damn delicious! Durian lover, you're so gonna love this very much! Both Eric and I can't get enough of it! We're so tempted to try the Mango flavor and yes, we ordered it too.

Mango Crepe Cake ( RM 9 )

The Mango Crepe cake was great too! Perhaps I should have take this before I try the durian one as it somehow doesn't reach my expectation compare to the Durian Crepe Cake. The durian flavor too strong for mango to beat I guess.

Eric seem to love both, durian still the best though. He even told me he has forgotten how's the Vanilla Crepe Cake tasted like! *LOL* 

Spaghetti - Meatball in Tomato Sauce ( RM 16 )

As you can see, there're also other foods available at Food Foundry. The Spaghetti cooked with Meatball in Tomato Sauce was in quite a huge serving. The meatballs were huge and very nice! 

However, both Eric and I thought that the spaghetti was slightly overcooked? Not al dente, despite of that, overall was good! Both us were quite full after had those for our lunch.

We even ordered some to take away! We took away two durian crepe cakes and one each Chocolate and Vanilla crepe cake for us to be shared and enjoy at home. My instant craving of cakes was fully satisfied and alright am gotta be a good girl for not craving for cakes now.