Durian Love @ USJ14 & Heart To Heart by 4 Minute

I was craving for durian so badly this few days and called to ask Foong and Adrian for delicious durian in town!
Oh well, I guess most of you are familiar with the one at SS2 right?
The thing is we do not want something just tasted so-so ?
We rethink few times and finally we decided to go the one at USJ 14!

You can really found great durian at here!

Look at that! I love fleshy one!
It reminds me of durian I had at Sabah very thick flesh with tiny seed one.

They actually served the durian with one glass of mineral water for you.

I enjoyed eating it very much, am a big fan of durian!!Smiley
Some people might not love it due to the smell, but I just love it very much!

Oh and they actually required you to fill in the evaluation form.
What can I say? Each durians I had all very yummylicious!

Of course, gotta thanks Eric for bringing me when I craving for it so badly!
Happy 8th-monthsary to you, darling!

Am dedicating this song to everyone of you and of course specially for dear Eric!
Enjoy the latest song from 4 Minute peeps! 

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