Special Screening of Fairly Legal @ Ecoba

I had the chance to attend this special screening of "Fairly Legal", the latest series on Diva Universal (Ch.702) and of course thanks to Kelvin for inviting me. Something new to me.Upon arrival, we proceed to the registration desk and we were given one goodie bag each. The goodie bag contained a Diva Universal pillow and also a packet of Fairly Legal antibacteria wet tissue.

Goodie Bag
There's a huge LCD screen in front of us. Well, being the early to arrived, we managed to get a good seat.

Serena C. as the emcee for the night! It was fun!

Serena C
Actually, while we filling the registration section, I saw a familiar name, Jolyn Toh. I remember she commented on my Spice and Chill Noodle House post back to few days ago. I met her in person on that night! We then sat on the same table and chilled together.

Jolyn also one of the MSN winner and get invited to this special screening. She came with her lovely cousin, Felicia. It was so great to meet them.

Each table placed with a plat on it. We got this "Curious" table. Each table also has some snacks on it. I guess everyone prefer to munch on some snack while watching shows right?

A huge bowl of mixed chips.
Bread sticks
There are free flow of drinks too... You may choose beer, orange cordial and wine..

Drinks of the night
Later at 8pm, finger foods were served. Ohyes, it is unlimited too.Smiley
Various of finger foods

Though, of all them, I particularly love this one!

Fairly Legal
Well, "Fairly Legal" is a television series starring Sarah Shahi, Michael Trucco, Baron Vaughn, and Virginia Williams. I would say this tv series kinda interesting and it's about Kate Reed changes her profession from lawyer to mediator and works at the San Francisco law firm her father started. Well, to know more, do tune on Ch702 to watch the premiere show at 9pm on May 5 (Thursday)Smiley
Awesome peeps

It was a pleasant night hanged out with friends and watching the show together. Though we didn't wait till the end of the show, lucky for those who wait till the end as there's some prizes to win for!