Of Coffee Chemistry Cafe & Tian Pin Ge Ge with Bestie!

After parted away with Mariuca and B, Eric and I headed to Coffee Chemistry Cafe for our dinner.
Tell you that my normal dinner usually at 6-7pm, and not after 8.30pm.
I even missed out the chance to watch the movie premiere for Justin Bieber's Never Say Never.
Anyway, I was excited to meet up with my bestie!

 A small pot of lavender on our table

  Piggy loves flower it seems!

A lil bit of camwhore..

Hot Chocolate @ RM 8.50

Fine Blended Vanilla Cappuccino @ RM 11.90

Hazelnut Cappuccino @ RM 9.50

Beef Bacon Pasta @ RM 12.90

 Chicken Herbs Pasta @ RM 12.90

HTC Wrap : Ham, Cheese and Tomato @ RM 8.90

Spicy Chicken Herbs Pasta @ RM 12.90

Spicy Seafood Pasta @ RM 18.90

 I enjoyed my pasta and hot chocolate of course!

Eric and Desmond seem loving their pastas too!

Two couples for the night

Us with Vialentino

Annie and I

Overall, the dinner was good!
We played with some HTC gadgets at there too, gahh! latest one always COOL!

We then wanted to go Snowflake for dessert fix yet there's tooooo many crowds!
We ended up at Tian Pin Ge Ge which is just the opposite of the Snowflake.
Durian Pancake - Lotus Seed & White Fungus Stewed Papaya - Mango Grass Jelly - Mo Mo Cha Cha

We chit-chatted for sometimes and parted to our way.
This place is still kinda foreign to me and am glad that there're familiar people that I can look for.