Healthy Organic Vegetarian Foods @ Chef Lim Organic Kitchen, The Scott Garden

I'm not a vegetable person and my friends somehow described me as carnivorous person. *LOL* But, for health concern, I also forced myself to take some vegetables. I bet most of you have heard of Chef Lim Organic Kitchen that located inside The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road. 

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road
Chef Lim Organic Kitchen, with white setting and air conditioned allows you to dine in such cozy ambiance. Just so you know that the food served at Chef Lim Organic Kitchen is less in salt, sugar, oil and is high in fibre and nutrition. That's how healthy the foods can be. 
Fruit Tea
I love Fruit Tea very much! This is not my first time but I do really love how it tasted and we also know how healthier and "yummy" it is. Enjoy this while waiting for your foods to be served certainly a great idea!
Soup of Spinach (上汤苋菜)
Small (RM15.90) / Big (RM20.90)
Soup of Spinach served in mountain-like of spinach with soup. A healthy and light dish that suitable for all age range, be it kid, adult and the old one. ;)

Fried Mushroom (猴头菇 / tree hedgehog mushroom) 黄金满屋
Small (RM15.90) / Big (RM20.90)
Fried Mushroom, a dish that you certainly going to enjoy munching for its crispiness and tenderness texture that similarly to the chicken or pork meat. It was definitely such a creative dish by Chef Leong to think of  brilliant organic vegetarian dish like this!

Fried Oyster Mushroom with Special Sweet & Sour Sauce 世界名片
Small (RM15.90) / Big (RM20.90)
The moment this Fried Oyster Mushroom with Special Sweet and Sour Sauce dish served on our table, I thought it was fish slices! Not until the moment I took a bite of it, it was extremely good! I love how the special sweet and sour sauce complimented the sweet and fragrant fresh oyster mushroom! Oh-so-yummy indeed!

Flammulina (Needle Mushroom) with Bamboo Shoot (金针菇竹笋)
Small (RM15.90) / Big (RM20.90)
Something rather plain yet appetizing, you would simply fall in love with this Flammulina with Bamboo Shoot dish. It may looks plain but it was quite flavorful for sure. 

Golden Jade Roll (seaweed, bean curd, pumpkin tofu) (翡翠黄金卷)
Small (RM15.90) / Big (RM20.90)
Next dish followed by Golden Jade Roll that made of seaweed, beancurd and pumpkin tofu served on a bed of salad. You would love the feeling of eating for the crispy on the outside yet soft in inside of it.

Tom Yam Mutton (东炎羊肉)
Small (RM15.90) / Big (RM20.90)
Who would have thought you could some nice tom yam at organic vegetarian restaurant? You could get your a fix on your tom yam craving at here! The Tom Yam Mutton where the mutton was made of stem or stalk of mushroom, tasted deliciously but way too spicy for me to handle. The crowds seems to enjoy it a lot especially with the generous amount of the ingredients inside this pot of tom yam. 
Deep Fried Fish with Special Sauce (油浸鱼)
Small (RM15.90) / Big (RM20.90)
Since it is an organic vegetarian restaurant, you know you would not get to order any real fish dish at here. However, you will be surprised how this Deep Fried Fish with Special Sauce going to impress you in term of the taste! The fish was made of soy bean, seaweed as skin and garnished with sliced ginger. It does taste like the real fish. Though we found that the texture of the "fish" was a tad tough.

Bitter Gourd with Barbeque Sauce (沙茶苦瓜)
Small (RM15.90) / Big (RM20.90)
If you are the person who used to be the non-bitter taste of bitter gourd, you would find this Bitter Gourd with Barbecue Sauce taste slightly bitter. That's how I felt at that time, I have never love the taste of bitter gourd and I still remember how my mom have to tricked me to eat it up when I was a kid. I bet this would be my dad's favorite dish as he would prefer his bitter gourd to be bitter. Despite of that bitterness taste comes from the bitter gourd, the whole dish was good! The soft beancurd slices and barbeque were nice!

Mango Pudding
The dinner meal was completed pleasantly with Mango Pudding! I was so in love with it and felt so loved to have another one all for myself only! How to resist the fluffy sweet pudding topped with real mango fruit slices and strawberries too! Now, who said that healthy organic vegetarian foods are tasteless?! 

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49, The Scott Garden 4 1/2 Miles,
Jalan Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: 11.00am - 11.00pm
Tel No: +6 03-7982 3395