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Chinese New Year celebration is just around the corner and I bet everyone just can't wait for the days! How do you normally celebrate the Chinese New Year? Reunion dinner is a must have? :p In line with the long heritage and tradition by the Chinese culture, Lunar New Year is always welcomed by preparing the "annual ritual" of the reunion dinner where family or relatives from near and far come to dine together as one in the spirit of togetherness. 

During this time, must-have individual dishes that symbolize auspicious meanings will be served, such as Fish (surplus), Sea Cucumber (happiness), Lotus Root (togetherness), Black Moss or Fatt Choy (wealth) and Whole Chicken (completeness) to complete this glorious feast. Guess what? Armada Petaling Jaya welcomes The Year of the Snake by preparing an array of traditional dishes, all tailor-made to symbolize and to bring an abundance of prosperity and opulence to all diners! 

Unlike the typical ones, Armada Petaling Jaya offering buffet line and it will be featuring a wide variety of "good luck" dishes for your Chinese New Year Reunion Buffet Dinner. I shall share with you what are the "good luck" dishes will be prepared for you apart from the buffet line. :D

Prosperity Yee Sang with Abalone & Salmon
The messier the better!
We started off our dinner on that night by tossing the Prosperity Yee Sang with Abalone & Salmon in Mango Tangy Sauce. I normally fancy the color of the Yee Sang but not really on the taste till I tried this version of Yee Sang. It certainly something different as it contains various seafood such as abalone, jelly fish and fresh salmon and it accompanied by the special sauce that made of perfect combination of Australian mango juice, apple, lime and lemon sauce. That was the first time where I truly enjoy eating the yee sang. >.<

Braised Eight Treasure Shark Fin Soup
The Braised Eight Treasure Shark Fin Soup served up next on our table. The tasty soup in usual thick texture and you could easily find and taste the shark fin, sea cucumber, crab meat, sliced mushrooms, dried squids, scallops, bamboo shoots within it. Loving this so much! 

Double Boil Duck Broth Cantonese Style
It was followed by the Double Boil Duck Broth Cantonese Style that served in such huge portion. The whole duck was stuffed with various ingredients (mini sweet corns, button mushrooms, carrot, dried mushrooms, gingko and lychee) and then braised for 3 hours. You are going to fall in love with this duck dish for its tenderness and slight sweetness that comes from the lychee. 

Steamed Pomfret in Abalone Sauce
The Steamed Pomfret in Abalone Sauce served in such unique presentation that caught everyone's attention for the night. As you can see the whole fish bones structure being deep dried and steadily up at there while the fish meat were all steamed with abalone sauce. This dish amazingly great in presentation and also in taste! We were all enjoyed the sweet and flaky flesh of the pomfret! 

Two Variety of Prawns
Two Variety of Prawns
Two Variety of Prawns came next and it turned out to be star dish for the night! The prawns were cooked in two different ways - deep fried and boiled. The deep fried prawns were something ordinary where it was coated with butter and pepper and fried that way. On the other side, the salad prawns served uniquely with strawberries, kiwi and honeydews and topped with mayonnaise. The prawns were fresh and succulent and one simply not enough for each of us. :p

Stir Fried Mussel with Taukan and Mushroom in Yam Ring
The Stir Fried Mussel with Taukan and Mushroom in Yam Ring was served but it turned out unexpectedly salty. The whole dish are supposed to be something tasty with all the assorted vegetables (mushrooms, oysters, chicken meat, button mushroom and taukan) within it. The yam ring itself was smooth and soft to be eaten only if the level of saltiness reduced. Of course, we have informed the chef about this matter and I bet none of you will get to experience such thing! :D

Steam Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf
One of the last dishes for the night was the Steam Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf. It was fragrant and cooked together with chicken meat, chicken ham, mushrooms and dried shrimp. 

Admiral Fancy Duet
Sweet Longan Dessert
To complete the dinner, we were served with two different typed of desserts! The Admiral Fancy Duet where you can see there are fishes and pao-s. The fish shaped dessert were made of red bean pasted coated with snow skin layer dessert. The fish shaped dessert were really cute but I did not quite like the bland taste of it. Though I enjoyed the soft mini pao. Finally, we ended up our meal with the Sweet Longan Dessert which is traditional yet soothe to the throat with the longan, sea coconut and gingko within it.

Check out the Chinese New Year Set Menu Armada Petaling Jaya as below:-

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Abundance of Jade @ Armada Petaling Jaya
To further celebrate this auspicious festivity, Armada Petaling Jaya is offering Standard Charted and Citibank Credit Card Holders a 10% Discount! Offer is valid from 7th January – 25th February, 2013. T&C apply.

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