"Once Upon A Time" @ Hyundai Showroom, Shah Alam

Anyone of you always listen to MyFM? Well, I hardly listen to the radio nowadays unless am inside the car. I believe those who are always listen to MyFm surely know the fellow DJs - Jack Lim, Gan Mei Yan, Royce, Vivian, etc. Well, they have come up with a brand new Chinese New Year movie titled "Once Upon A Time" and the autograph session was held at Hyundai Showroom, Shah Alam on the last Saturday.

Sutera Gemilang - Hyundai Showroom
Spacious and Clean

It's not hard to find the parking as they have ample car park with around 20 car park lot for customers. The moment we entered the showroom, we were quite amazed with how spacious the place and it doesn't look like an ordinary showroom too! What's more? The facilities that allow you to rest and enjoy while waiting for your car in service.

Receptionist Counter
Sutera Gemilang is one of the SELECTED Hyundai 3S Centre out of 12 outlets to host this production movie roadshow. The 3S Centre consists of Sales, Service and Spare parts. A pit-stop for Hyundai and Inokom car lovers to service and purchase their Hyundai cars. Apart of that, claim insurance and windscreen can be done in their service center too. 

Consultation Area
There's few consultation rooms available to attend more customer at time without further waiting.

Kids Area for Children
It was quite brilliant idea to have kids area for children inside the showroom so that the kids will not be bored with just do the waiting but also can enjoy themselves at here. This also means that parents need not to worry about the kids come to disturb while they checking on the cars. 

Coffee Bar
I ALWAYS LOVE COFFEE BAR! I still remember how I enjoyed it the most back at previous workplace that allow us to grab be it coffee, nescafe, milo, tea, etc. Customers at here get to enjoy this facilities too! There's also cold beverages that you can opt for. Awesome much?

Premier Customer Lounge with TV and Computers
You're going to love this place and will not bother the long waiting of car servicing. You can just grab the newspaper or watching the TV while enjoy sitting on this comfortable sofa at the premier customer lounge. The kids also can enjoy surfing the net with the computers provided at the lounge area. For those who need to do work-on-the-go while waiting for their cars to be done, they can always use the FREE WiFi at the lounge area that allow them to continue with their work. 

Background glass for customer viewing while car in service
The background glass allow customers to view or check on their car while their car in service.

Car Service Area
Sutera Gemilang Hyundai 3S Centre offers 8 service bays and able to accommodate up to 50 cars to normal service in a day. Due to sufficient bay and man power, a normal car service can be done within as short period as 45 minutes! If you would like to drop your car during off working hours, there's no problem to do so as they do have drop key facility too.

Tinted Testing Station
Just so you know that Sutera Gemilang Hyundai 3S Centre also offer tinted service for ANY KIND OF VEHICLE! Isn't that convenience where you can get all services at once? You can test out the type of tint they have at the testing station and trust me, you can really feel the difference between every single tint that have.

Ready to go!
There's something special when you buy car at here! They will actually prepare and ready your car in this room with this backdrop that symbolizes your car are ready to go! Now, you tell me how premium this showroom can be?

Meet & Greet Session : Once Upon A Time
As mentioned earlier, there was an event for the upcoming Chinese New Year movie - Once Upon A Time - at this Hyundai Showroom. It was the meet and greet session for fans to meet the cast of Once Upon A Time. 

The Cast of "Once Upon A Time"
It was great to see Jack Lim and Gan Mei Yan in person and such upclose experience! The way they interact with the audiences and how humorous they were just made the fans nonstop laughing, truly enjoyable indeed.

Game session
Pick and Win!
Autograph session
Well, everyone seems having a lot of fun on that day with the cast! Both Eric and I went and take a look at Hyundai's brand new cars. :p

Newly launched Hyundai Veloster for viewing

New Facelift of Hyndai Sonata

A new Hyundai Sonata for me?
The current promotion at Hyundai Showroom :-
  • Interest rate 1.88% for Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai Tucson (for selected banks only)
  • Discount on labour and parts up to 10% and free 23 points inspection check
Below are the details for this Hyundai showroom and service centre in Shah Alam.
Operating hour for sales:-
9am-8pm on weekdays
10am-6pm on weekends and public holidays
Operating hour for service:-
8.30am – 6pm on weekdays
Sunday & public holiday – CLOSED
Sales no: 03- 7832 4888 / 7832 4444
Sales fax: 03- 7832 4222
Service no: 03- 7832 4333/ 7832 4555
Service fax: 03- 7832 4999
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