Don't Lose It All, Time To Get Data - Teaser (Phase 2)

So, I bet some have you have watched the first episode for the video titled "Don't Lose It All. Time To Get Data" previously and it's all about long distance relationship. How would you feel when your significant other is not replying you especially when both you are so far apart from each other? From the video previously, you can see that Amy has been facing her frustrations badly because Nick hasn't been replying. These are obviously the consequences of being in a long distance relationship which they are both aware of that. However, in this day of age, we have a thing called DATA, so where did they go wrong?

Now that Nick has been away for sometime, is Amy moving on? But whose ring is that? Watch and stay tuned till the story unfolds on coming 18th January 2013! =D

There's no reason to not getting a data plan as there's plenty offers at this modern era that allow you get connected with everyone especially to your loved ones. It's the same how important to have it while I'm away from my family members at KK or when I go back KK and away from the boyfie at KL here. :") What's the best with data? I can even show my family the thing that I wanted to buy for them through skype video call on the go or send the picture through our usual group chat on whatsapp! <3