Mani-Pedi Pampering Session @ Nail Paradize, Kota Damansara

Everyone love to be pampered, doesn't matter in any ways, so do I! While everyone always having hard time thinking of how much do they need to fork out for pampering session, I just click on my favorite discount website which is I Love Discount! Why would I spend big bucks when I can big discount from I Love Discount? I immediately grabbed the deal for mani-pedi on the site from the moment I saw it. Let's check it out if this is worth for a discounted pampering session. I've redeemed it from Nail Paradize at Kota Damansara.

Enjoying the session :)
Easy part was I just need to make appointment and go there on time. Manicurist started with doing the cleaning and cuticle treatment and also hand massage while I was given the nails color chart for me to choose which color to apply on my nails. I admit it kinda hard for me to choose as there're sooo many to choose from! The manicurist indeed a very friendly and lovely one by offering her help. She applied 5 different colors on my nails to let me see which is suit me best. How nice of her!

While she start painting my nails, my foot still soaking in the warm water. While sitting on the comfortable sofa and listening to the soothing music played, I almost fall asleep! Not due to boredom but too comfortable. I just spend my relaxing myself and I do heart their simple yet nice interior design. Let me show you some of the nails art sample that you can choose from here.

Can you spot Angry Bird nail art there? 
After the manicurist done with my fingernails, she then proceed with my toe nails. The deal is included foot scrub and massage, am a very ticklish person just so you know, I moved around and trying to scream if I could at that time!! Yes, I am that funny!! Embarrassing, I know. The whole process took almost an hour plus and I am fully satisfied with the service!

Pinkish nails it is!
Drying time
Foot Scrub! :o
For just RM35 I get the cuticle treatment, hand and foot massage, foot scrub, classic manicure and pedicure, worth it or not, you judge it. I walked away with satisfied smiling face and I wonder if it is too much if this place surely a nail paradise? I Love Discount never disappoint me with the great deal with great services!

Purple-ish toe nails!
How about look into below deal? Why not take this also? There's RM 100 OFF for 10 set Classic Manicure and also Classic Pedicure. Did I tell you about their current promo? There is a so-called Buddy Deal! Grab it and get a pampering session with your besties or mom or sister! 


No. 50G, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand @ Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03 - 6142 4128
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