Coway Spa Water Softener Launching Day @ Sunway Lagoon

I believe many of you heard of Coway, the leading home-wellness appliances manufacturer before this. Last Saturday, 09th July was the launching day for Coway Spa Water Softener which was held at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. There are some 500 people invited to join the launching party alongside media and celebrities including Ning Baizura, 988's DJ Sam, Vanidah Imran and May June. Being one of the lucky, I get to join other blogger friends and get introduced with the Coway Spa Water Softener.

Grand Launch

Coway Family Day
Upon entering, I was approached by the friendly Ms Selvarani and she really did a great job in introducing what is that water softener all about to me. By looking at the three unit of Coway water softener that been set up at there, I thought they were the water heater and obviously, I was wrong. I was wondering why do I need a water softener in my house till she told me how it is work. The Coway Spa Water Softener is able to transform the tap water in our homes to soft water making it a healthier option for our bodies while giving us smoother and softer skin. It is designed for a better shower experience and improves skin moisture levels within two weeks. 
Coway Spa Water Softener in Sunway Lagoon
Coway Spa Water Softener
After had some times with Ms Selvarani, we headed to the talk where we could actually get clearer picture how the water softener work and what are the benefits that we get from it. It was first started with the welcome speech by the emcee and followed by Mr Hoe Kian Choon, Senior Sales GM at Coway Malaysia. According to Mr Hoe, water softeners are a new home-appliance in the Malaysian market and many Malaysian have never been exposed to soft water but they have already received such well acceptance among Malaysians by now. If I not mistaken, I remember he mentioned that there is only left 900 units to date. 

Mr Hoe
Media and Guest Invited
Besides that, he also mentioned that the quality of water absorbed through our skin is as important as the water we drink. It must be clean and healthy for our body and mind to be healthier. For instance, the residual chlorine in tap water not only causes skin disease and rashes, but also accelerates hair loss and skin aging because it destroys the vitamins in our skin. The newly launched Coway Spa Water Softener is the great product to get clean and healthy water quality as it is equipped with a composite filter to remove chlorine, germs and floating substances from tap water while its Ion Exchange Resin reduces the hardness of tap water. Soft water molecules are more easily absorbed and retained by our skin making it smoother and softer after a shower.

Q & A with Celebrities
Media Q & A
After the speech by Mr Hoe, it was then followed by Q & A session with celebrities. It seems that it is well accepted and with a good feedback from them. Is it true that Coway Water Softener moisturize our skin and keep our scalp stay healthy? The soft water delivered by the Coway Spa Water Softener is scientifically proven to increase skin moisture level by as much as 69% and reduce dead skin cells and decrease skin friction by 20% in just two weeks. This product also has been proven to soften our hair and scalp while reducing the instances of dandruff. Soft water also provides higher detergency or soapiness as soap and detergent react better to soft water. 

Fried Noodle
Mini Sausages
Roti Jala
Traditional Kuih
There were also Q&A between media and followed by media preview of Coway Spa Water Softener. After the talks, we were served with foods and drinks. Other than that, guests also can enjoy some exciting activities provided such as quick mani-pedi session, foot reflexology, brushing art, tattoo art, etc. We did enjoyed ourselves with some exciting and adventurous activities at Sunway Lagoon after the launching party.

Gold dust tattoo art
Spray gun tattoo
Eric get himself tattoo-ed too
Lionel and Mei Yee on Wagon Wheels
Eric and Lionel on Pirate Revenge
Mei Yee and Yours Truly went for Archery
Yours Truly and Eric get to experienced showered with Coway Spa Water Softener
There are 48 units of Coway Spa Water Softener installed at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park to enable Malaysians to experience the wonders of soft water. It is available for a period of three months so SUnway Lagoon visitors can experience the benefits and the difference between regular tap water and soft water. For those who were unable to attend the launch, you can try out the Spa Water Softener for free in the comfort of your own home with Coway's exclusive 14 days trial period. Do hurry as there's only 1,000 units available for trial.

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