Our FIRST Anniversary

It has been a while since I blog about my very personal life. Doesn't matter if you like or not when I blog about my personal life as after all this blog is about My Stories. Time flies fast, and both Eric and I has reached our one year anniversary! Our relationship started with long distance till I decided to move to here. KK is still my place as all my beloved family are there.
Pre celebration for my 21st birthday 2010
We didn't really mind about how long we have been together but the moment that we gone through together. Our special day is not only today, it is actually everyday. Eric has been really a caring and loving one to me despite of his short temper sometimes. This time we opted for Thai cuisine lunch to celebrate our big day at Funky Villa, e@curve. Since our anniversary falls on today, we just had to celebrate it in advance.

Interior of Funky Villa
Reservation made by Eric
Dear Eric booked a table for two and thing I love, it is a ala carte buffet! I've been craving for Thai foods and it was just right! We were given a list of menu ranging from appetizers, salads, soups, chickens, beefs, curry, etc. For drinks, guests can choose lemongrass, coke, sprite or soda. We ticked whatever that we wants and it doesn't take long for the foods to be served.

Yours Truly
Dear Eric
We were told that we could order the foods for many rounds but we will get charged if there is any unfinished foods. Initially, I was kinda afraid if we couldn't finish up the foods that we ordered as am not spicy foods lover. There we go, started with the Chicken Wings.

Chicken Wings
I love the Chicken Wings very much! For those who knows me, I prefer wings than any part of the chicken! *LOL* Am quite surprised with the sauce too as it's not spicy but sweet! I enjoyed dipping the wings to the sauce. 
Tom Yam Kung
Huge Succulent Prawn
Next comes was the Tom Yam Kung. Eric was quite worried but it ended up tasty and not really spicy. It just nice to my liking. I love how fresh and succulent the prawns and there's also huge mushroom in it. Am not sure but this definitely didn't give any ohm for Eric who actually preferred to be spicier! 

Pineapple and Chicken Rice
For rice, we opt for the Pineapple and Chicken Rice. It served with some cashew nuts too! It tasted so delicious and I finished it up happily! The great combination of chunks of pineapple, tomatoes and chicken made the rice taste kind of sweet and sour.

Pandan Chicken
The Pandan Chicken didn't really tasted up to my expectation. Both Eric and I thought it was just so-so only. Too bad right? The sauce also not my favorite as it is spicy! 

Squid Salad
The Squid Salads is quite spicy and guess what I did? I took some and put into the bowl of tom yam soup and I just love how it tasted like with the tom yam. Eric of course prefer eating it that way. 

Green Curry Tofu
Believe me or not, I have never tried any green curry dish before! That's why when I saw Eric ordered this Green Curry Tofu, I kept on try to imagine how it going to look like. It reached our table and I had a sip, I don't like it. Eric ended up finished all of it! 

We ordered Sprite for our drinks and I think I finished mine quite fast due to the spiciness of the foods that we ordered! Guess how many rounds of foods we had? *LOL* I love the ambiance and friendly waitress at there. I don't mind visit there again. 

Thanks for the loves for this while and I love you too!
Wishing you happy first anniversary and many many more!
Thanks for pampering me lots, you've been pampering me lots with love although I've warned you at here.
Looking for many many more moments with you. <3