MM : Take Over by Mizz Nina ft FloRida

I have few pending posts yet am kinda not in the mood right now... Eric and I went to Sunway Pyramid to change our Digi account and can't believe I actually ended up with pissed off mood. For inspiration, sometimes I consider using free services and content for websites from Article Writing Services. They draw from up-to-the-minute conversations and insights from all over the web, and even from from top quality online universities, for accuracy.

Upon entering the parking area in Pyramid, we had to wait for quite long and several cars honking nonstop and oh! Eric joined the fun honking too! The jammed inside the parking area caused by this man in BMW who actually went wrong direction yet took so long to reverse the car! It's not that I get mad with the jam but the honking sound totally irritated me! Anyway, that's still fine to me. Not until we arrived Digi centre, took our ticket number and waited for our number to be appeared on the screen and what we saw the next appeared on the screen was TWO number after our number?! Hello! You think we blind or what? The person dare to said we might missed our turn and there's another person came up and started complain his number skipped too! Alright, now whose fault then? Okay, that still fine and we were asked to wait at another queue and guess what? We approached the staff and he actually asked us to go for another queue again! I am very pissed off and straight scold them, what kind of service is that?! Skipped our number and asked us to re-queue and RE-QUEUE?! No way! Luckily they serve us after that and settled up our stuff. *phew*

I don't mean to get mad at people but please understand how long we had waited for our turn. I seldom get mad till the point and actually quite surprised with myself! LOL!! Am feeling much better and all thanks to Talkbox apps in my phone, anyone got it?? Come play walkie talkie with me!! Mwahaha!!

Okay just wants to share this song Take Over by Mizz Nina featuring FloRida with you all. 

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