SKINZ Beauty Workshop and GIVEAWAY!

I remember the last beauty workshop I've attended was with Body Shop during my diploma time. To be frank, I don't really bother nor worry of my face skin at that time since I don't have any pimples on my face at that time. I hardly apply make-up on my face too unless during presentation time. Recently, I attended a beauty workshop that conducted by SKINZ and thanks to Jess for the invite of course.

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The beauty workshop was held at Gardens, Sunway Pyramid on the 25th June. The fairy tale theme-alike setting couldn't resist us to snapping pictures here and there. Well, I started with the skin analysis by Ms Suki. I was shy and afraid to know how terrible my skin but luckily what I got were all not bad! I am facing combination of dry and oily skin which I hated a lot.

Skin analysis with Suki
Checking skin at forehead part
Yours Truly with Suki
There were few beauty bloggers and it was really great to meet all of them. The beauty workshop started by a brief introduction of SKINZ skincare products by Suzanna and followed by Dr Anjali to guide us about correct regime in doing facial in our daily life. 

Suzanna and Yours Truly
Suzanna giving presentation
Dr. Anjali giving talk
Before we start doing the regime, the photographer took our BEFORE photo. Okay now you can see how naked is my face without any foundation and make up. 

Anyway, it always good to learn about new thing and get knowledgeable in taking care our face's skin. Our facial skin will needs extra care as it is always exposed to damaging effects such as the weather, sunlight and pollution.I guess everyone also know that daily makeup is one of the factors that adds to skin damage in the long run. 
Beauty Workshop*1
We first used the Purifying Facial Foam to cleanse our face. We were also taught to start everything from our jaw and lift up to ear. Technique also important in order to take care of our facial skin. The next step will be toning. We used the Clarifying Toner to balance up the pH and to close the pore on our facial skin.

Beauty Workshop *2
Beauty Workshop*3
The part that I love the most will be when we used the Intensive Whitening Serum and Eye Brightening Serum. Do remember never ever rub your eyes when it itch and just do little tap around it will do. The reason is simply because we do not want to create any lines surrounding our eye part, wrinkles I mean. Last part will be the moisturizing part where we used the Whitening Day Moisturizer

Complimentary Hand Massage
Fried Chicken Wings
Ham and Cheese
I finally felt my face could breathe fully after the facial! Each of us also had the makeover by the makeup artist and get our AFTER shoot. Besides that, I also enjoyed the hand massage by the masseur on that day. It is definitely a great pampering day for me! All of us enjoy getting to know with each other and the refreshment prepared for us just simply delicious!

Yours Truly
Kelly and Yours Truly
Yours Truly and Sharon
Jess and Yours Truly
Love bird
Beauty Bloggers and Suzanna
At the end of the day, each of us were given a full range product of SKINZ which am still trying out with it. Result is really visible after the two weeks time. Eric seemed to love it too for his damaged skin on arm gone after few days applied the SKINZ Protective Hand & Body Lotion. It is non greasy and skin getting smoother after apply it.

Full Range of SKINZ UV White product
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You gotta try this as it is really works! 
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