Discounts Anyone? =D

How's everyone weekend? Hopefully yours are better than mine as my tummy aching since morning due to the instant noodles I had last night for supper. Serve me right I know. I didn't do much today but resting while waiting for my durian eating session with bunch of good friends later on. I was just blog hopping and browsing through I Love Discounts website and looking for a good deal for myself and I found few that I really need the most!

Foods! Who don't love?? Since am losing my appetite now, why not I gran this and keep it for my next food adventure? It is only for RM 25 for Ala-carte Thai Buffet for 1 person with EXTRA BONUS whole crispy fried fish in Thai herbal sauce for every 4 vouchers redeemed! It is very worth it as instead of paying RM50 for one, I can actually just pay RM50 for two if I buy 2 vouchers. 

Hair do! All of you can see how half colored my hair now! All gotta thanks to the bleach I had last time. I need to balanced up the color of my hair so badly! Wished to have even color for my hair and I saw this discount offered in I Love Discount! It is 82% OFF whereby I only need to pay RM 68 for hair color/highlights with scrub treatment for scalp and wash and blow! What a perfect deal for me!! 

Mani-Pedi! Sorry I just can't get enough with mani and pedi! I love my nails to be colored and of course keep it healthy too! With only RM 55 everyone can pamper their nails with spa manicure and spa pedicure at Amante Nail Spa! And now, I just can't wait till my appointment with Nail Paradize for my mani-pedi session! 

All the discounts offered at I Love Discount definitely tempt me to the max! Am just gonna grab as many as I can!! It is always better than pay big bucks for the same service I can get at I Love Discounts! =D