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Hair do!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010
The hair stylist arrived my house at 7.30pm and actually I suddenly changed my mind that I don't want to color my hair. 
Keep on thinking and thinking...
Then I only made up my mind at 9pm. 
I know its quite late.

I want to color my hair in blonde color.
However, the bleach that she used on my hair is the 90% one and I am telling you guys that its hurt!
I can feel my hair is burning at that time. The bleaching process killing me softly.
Another thing is, it is so damn itchy!
Feeling burnt and itchy at a time makes me teared.

Should I thanks to the "bleach" for making my hair into golden gold and not blonde?

My real look without make up. *ugly*

I don't think I'm going to upload this picture on my facebook. 
Nobody's know anyway. Lol.

Or maybe I should dare somebody to upload it on facebook and if the comment is good then I upload it?

I wonder what's the comment I am going to get tomorrow when go to work.
Or maybe I should apply leave and go re-dye it?

I am missing my old hair. 


33 comments on "Hair do!"
  1. Wow...suddenly become blonde already. :p

  2. I prefer your black hair lah. Sorry! But that's just me. Maybe others like your new colour better.

  3. Maybe people will praise you tomorrow who knows? So cheer up! Btw, dyeing the hair is very damaging. Don't do it too often!

  4. I thing you should wear a cap. :p Just kidding. It's quite beautiful what. Flaunt it May. :D

  5. Aiyoh...Foong first. :p Hey night owl. :p

  6. You mean the bleach hurts? Ouch...I have never ever coloured my hair before. I love it charcoal black. :D

  7. Yep sorry to say I prefer u in black hair too

  8. @foongpc: yea u're d 1st. :( i am missing my old hair so so badly. *sobbing*

    @Tekkaus: not blonde owh uncle. huhuhuhu. :'(

  9. So how now? If you is going to be further damaged...go bald. :p

  10. Haha :D Saucer straight away used knife and say this look doesn't suit you. :p

    Actually I agree with him. This look make you! :D

    Don't agree ok.

  11. I mean don't get angry...typo... :p

  12. But as the saying doesn't matter what your clothes long as you are beautiful...then you are beautiful. So you have nothing to worry. :)

  13. waa so long x see u, ur new hair? don sad sad la, i think u crying now, u too sensitive person and a bit a bit oso cry odi as the time i kno n all comments maybe a bit harsh hor for u? stil look ok ah.
    cheer up la!

  14. Muhammad RazimieApril 6, 2010 at 3:31 AM

    You're right, it's not really blonde, it's more like gold. I bet Donald Trump envy you now. You can either revert back to black or you can choose to change your haircut. I salute your effort, not many people have the courage to give it a go. You never know until you tried right?

  15. I think, colouring or dying hair is horrifying, cuz dono how the colour effect on you. LOL... I never try before.

    =.= This is going to sound embarrassing, but i dunno how to make up. Teach me can?

  16. Eeee....blonde? People have the idea that blondes are stupid - quite brainless. My niece in NZ - ang moh so her hair is naturally golden...and guess what she did! She dyed it black!!! Women do the strangest things!!!

  17. ps: No.. you don't look awful... but looks pale with this hair colour. You're very berani. I never ever try anything as adventurous as this. Tak berani try. Takut my hair all fall off.

  18. that is nice! you know, the only constant thing in this world is change. and i must say that you change it for Good! Good job Cheers!

  19. Hey Caroine, thanks for being my frist commenter in my recent post

  20. Have a great day and happy blogging

  21. Not bad, I like it but I will not do it to my hair. :)

  22. Ok wat~ u look prettier then a lot of girls without makeup^^

  23. Wah what a big transformation! And you even used bleach! That's not very good for your scalp girl.. don't do it often ok! :) And you still look cute! :)

  24. woit! YOUR hair! i've done dat ages ago! during those crazy years.. lol.. i wont dare to do that ever again..

  25. Hi Caroline,

    Blond looks alright to you, though you might wanna try reddish-brown some day ... but then it might itch again. Our hair is our asset, so take good care of it :)

  26. hi there just dropping by here again!

  27. look nice and better than mine...hahaha

  28. @Muhammad Razimie: hey mr jomshout, hehe thnx for it. :)

    @cleffairy: BERANI u said?! I've tok like an hour to make up my ind b4 i did it! lol. bleach process very hurt and itch if u washed ur hair b4 start bleach. huhuhu.. extremely pain!

    @bluedreamer27: hey thnx for that! ohyea, im d fc! :p

    @molly: lol this is goin to be d 1st time i dyed diz freaking striking color on my hair and its gonna be the LAST too! :p

    @Kelvin: lol but how come i feel so weird? hehe

    @iamthewitch: yea i know, i never use bleach before, this is d 1st time i use and yes regret! not goin to do it nemore. :) thnx!

    @Merryn: u did it in the past too?! haha! i wonder how u look.. look rock on u, isnt it?! hahaha :p

    @Kev: lol no i dnt wan anymore. haha

    @ahmad: haha is it?

  29. nah, since you've already blonde it, then just be happy with it and don't miss your old hair anymore.. looks ok to me woh actually..

  30. Carol> Really hurt ka when u bleach ur hair??


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