Kay let me show you my entire day of Wednesday.

6.25am:   Woke up – Read Cleffairy’s and Suituapui’s blog – Shower.
                First thing to do in the morning is read their blog! Then after shower, 
                will take some time to prepare myself to work. 

7.00am:   Chat a while with Cleffairy.
                You guys also know that she don't sleep at night and only will sleep
                in  the day. This morning chatted with her in Gtalk. She even being
                so nice to text me and remind me to put on make up. Lol!
7.20am:   Out for breakfast.
                It's time for brekkie! =D Sometimes do not know what to eat. LOL!
                For those who's on Twitter, I will always tweet good morning to 
                these tweeps - MerrynCleffairy,WitchTekkaus, Foongpc
                and Saucer. :)    
8.00am:   Office – Second breakfast.
                Arrived office and start eating again. Yes, eating. :) 

8.30am:   Checking and filing invoices. *GOSH* - "AUNT" monthly visit.
                Regular task - checking and filing. How come my aunt visit me soo
                early this month? Didn't even give me any sign! Urgh~~ Hate it.:(

9.45am:   Update payment from customers.
                I love this task! =D Why? It is because the more they pay, the lesser 
                my end-of-month's task. :p

10.15am: Morning tea break time.
                Take 5! Love this time so much as many foods to eat at this time! :D

10.45am: Whatever task given.
                A lot things to do this time. :/ Yet, it is still fun for me. :p 
                Especially answering calls from customers! MOST of them 
                are so entertaining! :D

11.30am: Chatting with colleagues and tweeting with Mich.
                Time to talk about craps with colleagues! LOL!  
                Ohyea, and also tweeted with one of my  favorite seniors
                in college last time. Seems like we end up in the same field
                - accounts - though we're graduated in Hospitality line.
                We talked about getting a Blackberry too!!! Hey Mich! 
                Our office not too far from each other, find time go out for lunch
                 together aye! :)

12.00pm: Lunch time with “AYAM BRAND” and his colleague.
                Well this is the result for bullying me! Hmph! By the way, 
                 I lurve my lunch time today! :) Oh! Just so you know my
                 big brother - Brandon = AYAM BRAND - He ever wrote
                 his name that way in PMR trial exam. :P

12.45pm: Back to office and surf internet.
                Back to office with my extra lunch and rest myself. 
                Tell you the weather at daytime so damn hot! Get into 
                 the office also nothing change one.

1.00pm:   Start work – doing amendment for some accounts.
                I hate doing amendment thingy because kinda lots thing to do
                just to balance that particular account. :S  All those 
                statements have to reprint and so on. :/

2.30pm:   Babysit boss’s little son – Lucas.
                After I finished all the task given, I don't have anything to do 
                anymore. And... Guess what? My boss ask me to help him 
                babysit his little prince Lucas. I agreed and I am telling you that 
                 I  DIE! WTH! Can you believe that a small little boy bully an 
                 almost reach 21-yrs old girl like me?! 

He is so damn fair! 
This little boy should thank me for giving him eat cakes and not bully me!

3.35pm:   Receive tweet from Merryn – comment from Bananaz too.
                Merryn told me about the parcel reached her hand already. :D 
                When I open blogger, I saw Bananaz's comment too and he 
                mentioned about he received it already. :D I am start 
                wondering if Uncle Tekkaus received his parcel yet. :3

3.40pm:   Called Merryn and talked to her for a while.
                Fuyoooo! I love her CT! Gosh! Told her that am going to call 
                her everyday! HAHA! =D
3.45pm:   Taking some orders from customers.
                Started busy already and kind of pissed off with those
                walk-in customers. 

4.25pm:   Chat with Cleffairy and called her as well. :p
                That Cleffairy just woke up from her wonderland! 
                Her voice soo nice! :0 Very much thanks to Merryn, 
                because of her, I get to know another wonder blogger 
                like her. :)

5.00pm:   Pack stuff and leave office
                I come on time, of course I back home on time as well. :p
                You only will see me stay back for OT during the first 
                week of the month. The time I get lots pressure and very tense. :(

From this month onwards, the closing date for TOP FC and THREE TOP COMMENTER will be ended on every 28th of each month. :)

For previous winner, I hope you guys like it. :)
My apology for late posting it to you guys, I am usually will be very very busy for the FIRST whole week of each month, just so you know that am doing accounts, so need to balance up all the statements. :)


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  1. Aiks, my voice nice? Macam katak la... ish... *malu* *blush blush*

    The boy... Lucas, very cheeky... but then again, these days, children are very nottie... must be garang to them, else, they will bully you and not sked of you!

  2. @Merryn: yea ba, u chopped dy oso. :)

    @cleffairy: yea la, nice la. haha. :) hmm.. agree with u dat one. so teruk all cream on my hair ba just now. wth!

  3. Tenkiu, tenkiu...first thing in the morning already read my blog... Ummmm...2nd, rupa2nya Cleffairy's first... Grrrrrr!!!!

  4. haha so that cute little kid is deceiving our eyes hahaha, if i wewre you i'll fight back LOL just kidding... oh i know! you can sprinkle a little amount of chili powder on those cakes and give it to him....and yes you made your revenge already....
    oh and be sure before you do that, you have to be prepared to get a new job knowing that it's your boss' son hehe

  5. @Cikgu... probably she tangkap me in chat and twitter... that's why go to mine first. LOL..

  6. caroline, guess i dont have chance to win la .. one who always chop chop and one who never sleeps at all! tell me, how to beat the above two?? :p

  7. @reanackaire: maybe i shud schedule my post, and let u guys noe wats d time n maybe dat will give u a chance to be FC. hahaha! :D

  8. @cleffairy: perasan la u thr! haha.. xD

  9. @bluedreamer27: lol not enough detailed. took quite long time to arrage d alignment. haha. :D Oh i love foods! :p haha am not dat mean, i wont fight back one. haha.he is very cute!

  10. @suituapui: lol! no la, depends la, who's blog got update n appear in my blogroll 1st, then i read it 1st lor. :) but every morning only urs n cleffairy's got update one. :)

  11. Wei! You said next post let me chop!! :((( I wanna chop once!!! *merajuk* :P
    Wah you wake up SOOO early!!! Salute!
    And you eat so many times a day! I like! Haha

  12. @iamthewitch: lol i hinted u in twitter worr, i said goin to update soon. ahaha tonight c u got chance not. :p i start work at 8am worr, n my tummy hungry on time 1. hahahaha!

  13. load and clear! working life must wake up early! ganbatte!! cheering u!

  14. @Kenzo: haha yea. very sien. hate wake up early. lol! thnx!!! :D

  15. @witch - Last nite i refreshed her page more than twenty times i tell you! Lots of effort taken to CHOP leh! hehehhehehehe..

    Once chopped.. me pengsan dy.. terus go to bed! hehehehe.. morning baru bangun n continue commenting.. fair or not? :P

  16. Oh by the way.. so LOVE the gift... will post it soon :D

    thanx babe!

  17. say hello to your auntie for me! lol... omg... hahhahahhaa...

  18. @Cindy: lol not so. hehe thnx for visiting. :) n one of ur blog is online boutique? :)

  19. @Merryn: haha ur effort paid off! lol sorry ba the alignment all sot sot. hee. since u cough,u strt calling me as babe, haha. cough virus ah? lol! cisss say hi back to ur aunt when she visit u! :p

  20. Now this is an old-school style "blogging" :-)

  21. @Gallivanter: hehe. :) btw, ur blog nice! :D

  22. wah! i whole day time table is posted here ler.....

  23. @Garfield: haha not whole day. just almost. hehe. :)

  24. wah Caroline!! So specific and very detailed!! hahahaha... u wrote them down every seconds? :D

  25. @Alicia: hee! no la, if every second cham lor. a lot to write. hehe! :D

  26. Haha :D Thanks for always tweeting me good morning too May. :D

  27. explained in details what you done? Goodness...don't you know it is dangerous? Your stalker might be reading this. LOL :D

  28. Yes, I have received the parcel May. Thanks yeah. Haha :D But I don't think I can make it as your Top FC anymore. Because the competition is so tough. LOL :D

  29. @Tekkaus: hehe u're most welcome uncle! :D LOL its not too detail so no worries. haha.i dint write about my daily routine at home ma. :) oh glad dat u rcvd it. :) the competition is like between u n merryn worr. ahaha :D

  30. @bluedreamer27: hehe thnx for always come visiting meeeee! :D

  31. I didn't know you have top fc and top 3 commentators contests here. Look like I am already losing out this month.

  32. @jam: its okie, not a big deal. :) prizes is anything i can get for winners, depends. it cud be souvenirs (but since u came here b4, dnt think u interested in it, lol) and other gift. :)

  33. and MY post is the last u read each day? coz i always post late nites mah.. hehehehehe...

  34. @Merryn: whoaa not bad, u know oso hor?! haha! but mine later than urs. :P