Sister for Life.

My sister is very close to me.
We share almost everything together.
Her friends somehow jealous of her for being very close to me even though our age different is quite big.

6819_132603332826_730887826_2957558.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

She always bully me and yes when come to fight, she always win.
How to beat her with that big size of body?! Lol
But, when my brothers bully me, she will be the one who stand out and beat them. 

Though she always trying to act as if she's so strong amongst us, she do have another side of her.
When comes to personal problems, she always will come to me.

Last week, she asked me about the National Service thingy.
I thought that issue won't be really a big deal and not bothering her.
She's not those kind of girly like me, she's a bit tom boy some more. :p
I was very surprised when she said " Jie, I don't want to go for the National Service owh. I don't know how I can go through life at there. "

I am consider myself lucky as not being chosen for that. :p
I don't care people say how nice how fun is that, but I don't think I will like it.
I went camping last time as it is compulsory, I also can't help myself and keep crying at night in the camp.
Just lucky that time my brother also joining the camp.

I still remember how hard I prayed to God so that I don't need to go for the NS.
My mom too brought me to church and asked blessing from the father.
I was so darn happy and relief after saw my name is not in the list!
I still remember my family and I celebrate for it!

Both my brothers Delvin and Edmund went for that.
According to them, they enjoyed their time at there and don't feel like coming back here.
Now, my sister start worrying how will she be next year. They were informed that starting next year, everyone must go for that and so they don't need to check if their name in the list or not. They only need to know they going to be placed in which state in the country.

Sister Flo start crying when she start imagine how's life at there. 
Sorry to say here but she anti-Malay. 
She can't get along with Malay and all her friends are 99% Chinese.
Well, I have to say that all of us siblings quite hard get along with Malay as we are all studying Chinese and been in Chinese class till Form Three. 
We only start mixing class when we reach Form Four as the class divided by stream.
However, my case is better, being in science stream class, most of them are Chinese and previous classmates. Haha. My sister slightly different for being in Economic stream.

She kept on asking me to find way how to "save" herself to not go for NS.
I told her its hard unless she got health problem.
What a stupid thinking of her telling me and ask me beg my parents to get a certified letter from doctor to prove that she got sort of serious illness.
I get so mad with her she told me her evil plan. No one want to be in illness.
She is like cursing herself and I just don't like it.
I am mad, yet I know she's just worrying too much.
Well, I then tell her maybe we can get help from our uncle who is fully in-charged for NS at Sabah here.
If he can help to list my sister within Sabah area, we're gonna feel much relief as we can at least visit her on every weekends. :)

23713_1344983257002_1003879649_1070.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Funny thing about us - She jealous of me for having double eye lid and big eyes; and I am jealous of her for having cute dimple! Lol!
I love my sister very much.
Of course I want the best for her. :)





  1. @joegrimjow: yea! gud! newaiy, thnx for dropping by yea. :D

  2. Yippee! I'm first! It's about time after no Streamyx for 3 lousy days!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your sis not keen to join NS, but really I think she should go! It will give her a different experience and who knows, she might just learn something from it and become a stronger person!

    Instead of helping her to escape NS, I think u should help talk her into joining NS! Ask your brothers what they enjoyed in NS and then maybe tell her she might enjoy like them too!

    Anyway, it's only for 3 months, very fast pass.

  4. Aiyo! Got double eye lid and big eyes already still want to jealous cos no dimples? Stop this jealousy and be happy with what you have! Many people not as lucky as you! : )

  5. Looks like u have a very close relationship with your sister - nice! Whoa! She can beat your brothers? Dun play play! : )

  6. @foongpc: haha yea la. :D LOL i say dat to her just want her to feel better n not to worry much lar. just at least she can concentrate on her SPM examination this year. :)btw, 3 months very LONG one worr!! haha

    eh sure jealous la! my both sister got dimple worr! just so u know that, Haylie got double eye lid and big eyes and dimple! c, so so gud!

    haha! yea dnt play play! next time if u bully me, i can ask her beat panda as well! :p

  7. Hahaha :D She always bully you? Or is it because you allowed her to bully you? :p

  8. Well, it is a good thing that she will come to you. After all you are the closest to her mah. And it shows that you are very important to her. :D

  9. Share almost everything together? hopefully both of you won't be sharing the same bf. :p

  10. actually prayed so that you will not be picked for NS? :p Likewise I love NS and I wish I could join...but too bad...I am too old.

  11. Adversity has its advantage. So let her brave it. If God were to take our every blow...when will we grow? Life is all about obstacles and challenges. :)

  12. That your sister? She's very pretty...

  13. i also jelos,you can be so close with your lil sister...i am not close with my sibling/sigh

  14. Hmmm, afraid of her name is listed on Nia Sing?

    So far the only way to escape is just like what she wanted to do, get a doctor letter and appeal for exemption.

    Honestly, it is stupid to force everyone including those who are already active in uniform unit at school to go for the NS.

  15. Good sister, sharing everything under the sun. I am quite a lousy sister of all the 5 of us. I dont like gossip, but they like. Tak boleh tahan wor, every time must pretend to listen.

  16. @suituapui: if not my sis, then who la? lol yea she cuter n pretty than me one. haha

  17. @Tekkaus: rofl! no worry, i will give her one. she happy, i oso happy. :)

    lol no la, she always bully me one, she only stop bully me when I m not in the mood. cz at the end, m d one win. haha! :D

    SURE la! haha am her dai ka jie worr. :p

    lol! i dnt wan to be so unlucky! my mum too worry if kena picked! u can still join if u wan, but not NS la. haha

  18. @eugene: hehe ok ok only la. just close with my sister. my bro will only come to me when dey need my help one. :s

  19. @Garfield: yea la.. damn sien one. but maybe cz of im very active in curricular too. :) actually some of my fren did same thing la get letter from doc. dey willing to pay for it. haha

  20. @molly: *die* if everytime gossip. lol. we're not gossiping la, if gossip, she will find my another two bros one. most of the time, we sharing opinion n stupid lame joke. haha

  21. Ui.. guess what? I LOVE NS and feel like duwan go back Sabah loooooooooo!! Rugi loh if she dint goooo :))

  22. @Victoria: hahaha yea i know u suka habis NS! kept on telling us last time. haha!

  23. anyway, there's always another chance right?

  24. have a great day and happy monday caroline... about the blog idol... i will explain the details so soon

  25. i wonder what's with this NS , sounds interesting

  26. 2 of you do not look alike leh!

  27. So sweet of you to dedicate a whole post to your sister! Ask her not to worry so much! Who knows, she might actually have fun and enjoy it there ;) Maybe there might be cute guys! LOL!

  28. Wow.. Haylie is the cutest then.. with big eyes, double eyelid and dimples! woo hoo!!!!

    My first sis has double eyelids and dimples.. second sis has double eyelid on only one eye and dimple on only one side.. Come to ME.. I have nothing! no double eyelid no dimples! Only pimples! Beat that! lol... :P

  29. @jam: haha yea not alike at all! but we're siblings.:)

  30. @bluedreamer27: u can click d NS on the post, there's the link. :) dnt get me wrong, she hve to join it and its COMPULSORY one. lol.

    blog idol? lol am not qualify enough for that. :) happy monday to u too! :D

  31. @iamthewitch: yea actually my two brothers who went fr NS keep telling her its fun and not scary one. n she still don't want to go for it. :/

  32. @Merryn: yea la! c all me kalah! lol whoa nemid u still looking cute n sweet hotmama now! :D

  33. hi caroline... you can try it... it's fun... anyway that's what blog idol is all about... just a fun game... i would be glad to have you in my new season of blog idol

  34. @bluedreamer27: hehe.. erm.. let me think about it.

  35. nice picture together! love how you're close to each other!