Birthday Special!! - Andy Eidel

April 22nd = Happy Earth Day = Happy Birthday to Andy Eidel!

Who is that??

He is Andy Eidel

Andy Eidel, he is from Bueno Aires, Argentina.
He love photography very much!
We are friend on twitterville!
We've known and tweeting each other for quite a time. :)
Lotsa time, he thought that I am from Indonesia and only got it right once. Lol!

I only get to know about his birthday when he tweeted about his countdown.
Well, I managed to wish him Happy Birthday on that time.
Again, here I am wishing you Happy 17th Birthday!

This is the best I can do for you.
Just wanted you to know that I am really glad for knowing you.
I enjoy tweeting with such a nice guy like you and you're like a brother to me. =)
I am happy when you told me that you're glad to have me as a friend and I do really appreciated it very much!

Only if I know earlier about your birthday, I am surely will post a gift to you!
Have a blessed birthday and wishing all your dreams may come true!




  1. looks like this month got a lot ppl bday leh...

  2. Omgggggg! Caroline thank you SO SO MUCH! AM BEYOND THANKFUL..and you dont know how much this means to mee.. this is sooooo good and such a beautiful post. I honesylu dont know what to do to thank does really mean a lot.. I'll save this to my computer. And am also glad I could meet ya on are amazing and as i have told ya i would LOVE to meet you one day there in sabah, INDONESIA (L-O-L just kiddin' .I know MALAYSIA :)

    love you, and lets keep in contact,

  3. @Andy Eidel: hehehe.. :) am really glad that u happy with this. :) hahaha! yea right in Indonesia, :p so now u got it correct for the second time! haha! :D neway hope u really enjoy ur 17th birthday! :D

  4. dedicate this blog post to a friend you know in twitterville? Awesome. :p

  5. @Carol... last wik... my friend's bday oso ma... smallkucing. :D And happy birthday to your friend.

  6. Happy Earth Day...and happy birthday to Andy too! Wow! 17 very young! :)

  7. now it really makes me wonder how wonderful twitterville is...
    oh and happy birthday to him to!

  8. @Tekkaus: hehe not all la, only to those i really know. :) i mean tweet with me. haha

  9. @cleffairy: ohyea kan. forgot jor. lol. :D

  10. @bluedreamer27: yes yes! u shud join us! :p

  11. @suituapui: yea happy earth day! hehe yea lor still very young! wakakaka

  12. Wah so amazing, to meet someone from Argentina! :) The internet really does make the world smaller eh? :) Happy birthday to Andy too! :))

  13. LOL... so forgetful... tsk tsk tsk...

  14. Happy Earth Day! Hope the greeting does not come too late. But doing something for earth always not too late!

  15. @cleffairy: lol stil blur ba me just now. :p

  16. @iamthewitch: yea haha! he read all the comments here and told me that he's very happy and saying thnx to u all! :D

  17. oooo.. I'm a bit late here.. but anyways.. happy birthday Earth dude.. from some earthling in Malaysia.. underwater... :D

  18. and oh gosh.. he is only 17! hmmm... if only i knew then what i know now! when i was 17... dun even have internet! whahahahahhaa.. i'm THAT dinosaur dy lor.. :D

  19. @Merryn: LOL! Earthdude and Earthling!

    haha yea hor.. my time got dy. :p no no, not dinosaur la, turtle la. haha after dat then got submarine. :p