My Chubby Cutie Friend!

Do you guys familiar with Datuk Maximus Ongkili??
If not, Click here!

Don't worry because I am not going to talk about him.
The person that I am going to blog about is someone who related with Datuk Maximus Ongkili.
Thats's her uncle!

Who is she?

Vky a.k.a Victoria J. Ongkili

She was one of my MOST FAVORITE seniors in ICS.
She also taking Diploma in Tourism Management. :)
She was my ex-schoolmates during secondary school time!
Her brother same batch as me in secondary school!
Her sister same class with my cousin!

Today, I chatted with her in MSN messenger, well actually we always talk to each other when both online.
We talked about everything or anything on our head. :)
She is a very sweet and friendly girl to be friend with.
One of the tough girls to know with.
It's very hard to see her angry face because she don't know how to get angry, lol, trust me for this!
She is one of the shopaholic friends that I have.

I am quite surprised with her words - "heee u la make me do blog"
I can't believe that now she signed up for blogspot!

FYI, she have a blog with tumblr platform, and yes she asked me to sign up for it.
I did it and well I only update it with all those quotes, I guess I only update it when I am emo. Hahaha!
I am still prefer blogspot as my lovely blog. :)
ROFL! She warned me not to print screen! geez! I did not la.
I only print screen for case like foongpc's. hahahaha! :p
Because of that post, she thought I love to print screen! oh-no!

- Award Day -
Look at her hair that time!
Now she is missing it so badly after saw mine now. :p

- Beauty Workshop at Bodyshop -
She looks cute, isn't it??

- Vky -
I snapped her, well actually I always candid people in class last time. heee...
Her hair, nice?
Tell you guys one secret, the green color one is fake one. :p
hahahaha! I still remember she asked me to not telling people that's not real hair.

And yes I still remember whenever she got new song to download, these words come out from her mouth: " Carol! Help me download this song!" LOL!

We went to college together, study together, eat together, stress together, do assignments together, shop together, etc. 
Lots memories to keep darling!

Her bloggie!


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  1. @Merryn: u chopped dy lar. haha!

    @kenwooi: hehe lol!

  2. Sigh... i never have chance Fc wan... no hope d... oni can be FC at STP's blog nia. LOL...

  3. @cleffairy: lol i blogged about two posts just now, n merryn tot she chopped in previous, lucky she chopped this one. hahaha

  4. oh that's nice i used to encourage my friends too to try blogging... i told them that they can earn money from it but they never believe me.. haha maybe i dont have that super duper convincing power.... anyway, i wish all the best for her,
    will drop by at her site... hopefully it's not into chinese characters

  5. gheeeh what's wrong with blogger, i don't know if you can receive my comments??? it's just giving me an error

  6. @bluedreamer27: lol actually the purpose I blog not for money, it just that get influenced by my fren last time. :) and she blog too not due to money. haha! well her blog is in english mix sabahan's malay. :p hope u will not find it difficult to read. :)she's not chinese so no worry. :)here's all ur comments! haha

  7. Looks like the uncle. The group pic very cute - from big to small! LOL!!!

  8. Victoria J. OngkiliApril 8, 2010 at 8:21 AM


  9. so u were from INTI? my son also studies in INTI.. 2nd year now..
    talking about friendships, good frens are hard to come by.. as the saying goes, they are like wine, the older they get.. it becomes more valueable? LOL...

  10. @suituapui: sure la! haha. her father's bro ba dat. :) lol big to small. wahahaha!

    @Victoria J. Ongkili: mwahahahahaah!

    @reanaclaire:yup, sabah one. :) hee wine! lol but its true thou. :)

  11. oh yeah i strongly believe that\! Blog is not just about money... it is a great tool to express someone's idea, thoughts and opinion.. a matter of sharing someone's personal interest...
    the reason why i am telling them that they can earn money through blogging is because they are too lazy to write so at least by saying something about money, i can encourage them but still i failed LOL

  12. yehey nice to see that all my comments are there and nice to see that blogger is working perfectly fine today cheers!

  13. @bluedreamer27: lol yea. correct! haha wow u're i top 3 commenters dy aye! :)