The Unexpected!

My hair is no longer dark brown as it used to be.
It is now in golden blonde. :s
I am really missing my previous hair color so badly.

I was so sad and cried last night.
I only felt better after chat with Christy.
(Her boy boy also named Ethan!)
I know it sounds stupid but I am feeling regret for color my hair.

So... Here's some advises from Christy!
- Since u dyed yr hair, start using color shampoo and apply conditioner everyday yea.
- dnt dye yr hair in preferably within 6 months yea.
Oh! She said that the color too bright and if I wash my hair more often, the color will gradually fades.
It will look nicer on me then.
Don't worry still long time to go Inti Night, you will look good by that time. No worries.
I am so glad to know that. :) <-- I am feeling so glad and relief!

Daddy and Mommy's words convinced me and yes I gained my confidence back.

The moment I stepped into office, everybody look so "WHOAAAA??"
The boss said that I am sooooo WOW! 
I am feeling like "hey not bad, people like it"
All the guys start calling me as Lady Gaga while all the girls calling me as Barbie.
They kept on play the song - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

Frankly, I am not feeling proud as I don't really like it happen this way.
Customers who came to our office keep on asking my boss if there is new staff in the office. 
Oh ya! The Australian guy came and he told the boss that I am looking good in my new hair color. Hahahaha!

I enjoyed my day!
Feeling glad for this big changes too. 
People loves me more! :p
Thanks guys for commented on my previous post. :)

 - Random shot of the day -

[p/s: I am looking forward to meet Mdm Susie and Tessa again tonight!]




  1. So will you dye your hair green next time? Hehe

  2. Wah! So many people praise you for your new hair colour? Good lah. Although you should feel happy because you like your hair color and not because of what other people think! : )

  3. @foongpc: yea la! u again la! lol! hmm well actually i am not feeling dat happy, just feeling glad.:) nice suggestion, y dnt u try it 1st?! hmph! panda love green ma! :p

  4. You look good lah! It's just that it may take some time for people to get used to the change... But do not dye your hair too often - it will spoil the hair...and all those strong chemicals on your scalp - can't be very good for you!!

  5. wah.. i tot i went to the wrong blog! :p .. u look so lain.. so blondie.. :) guess it will take some time to get used..

  6. have agreat day and happy blogging

  7. i agree with Foong, you don't have to please other people by doing what they want from you, stick to where you are comfortable with and you have nothing to worry.
    that's you and public should accept that no matter what

  8. @suituapui: am look weird! ahahaha

    @reanaclaire: hehe.. yea lor.. nemind take time. :)

    @bluedreamer27: yup. thnx u too. :)

  9. OOh who's that hot sexy new girl in office? LOL! ;)

  10. dye your hair green and you'll look like foong the panda! :D

  11. last time i volunteered for Loreal as a head model.. they bleached my hair n turned out like yours. both me and willam.. then we went to australia. ppl there said we got too much sun in malaysia that made my hair turned that way! :( lol...

  12. @iamthewitch: LOL! not new n not sexy ! haha

  13. hey, nice hair.. sailormoon! :D

  14. @Merryn: lol thats sounds fun thou! haha cool wat. geez!

    @Alicia C.: hey alicia! haha sailormoon ?! woot?! gahaahaa!

  15. hehe, see, you get compliments from almost everyone.. well, i guess it's because you are still not used to it and it's not what you expected.. but see, people around you like it.. Raa-raa-oooh-aaa-aaa~~ :p

  16. @[SK]: LOL yea unexpected! OMG! i tell u, now each time my colleagues saw me, dey will start singing that song. argh!

  17. To be honest, golden blonde does not suit you. Previous color looks more natural.