Guess what?
 that two girls is really trying to ruin my day when they know how happy am I after I finished up all my bloody accounting job. They know how tension I am lately just to get all of that particular task done.
I really do not know what's on their mind and why are they doing so?
I don't mean to bring it up again since it is past, but why?!
They asking me about my bloody ex-boyfriend and telling me that they friend with him in facebook, so what?!
It is none of my business already. I deleted that bloody guy in my facebook anyway.
I am not hating them. It is almost a month past, why suddenly bring it up again?
Perhaps they thought that I am going to be very sad or moody or whatever again if they mention about him to me?
NO, I am NOT. NOT at all.
I am not hiding my feeling, it is true.
I am feeling comfortable in single-hood and they thought I can't get through it without him?!
Whenever my phone rang or text messages coming, they will ask me who is that? New boyfriend? 
I don't mean anything at here, but tell me why should I report everything to them?
They even scolded me for not telling them I talked with who over the phone last time.
None of my friends ever did that to me kay! Both you are so rude!

Today, they found out some of their friends added me in facebook, which is actually my friends and I know them for quite long already.
 They say me just trying to grab attention from their friends and I was like WTF?! They are my friends and they added you both because of me kay?! 
Don't assume that I will just stay silent after all that happened.
I am the one who guided them how to open facebook account and helped them to create email all those stuffs, and now WHAT?!
They back-stabbed me and now acting good and trying to be nice with me, I can't stand with it.
They can act so well, bravo! 
WHY I can't?
Another thing is I don't understand why the heck he go add those people who linked with me?
I was so surprised when some of my friends telling me that my ex-boyfriend sent request to them, and even after they ignored his request, the next few days, here he come again.
Lol! Desperado dude?! 
I didn't ask my friends to ignored his request and I am just feeling glad for having friends who understand me.
For what you've done,you know it much better than me. 
Its hard to forgive for what you had done, but it is past and no more holding back. 
I don't care about it anymore. I just want to live peacefully without your b!tches around.

Alright, I don't want to talk more about three of them.
They mean nothing to me anyway.

 I cannot take leave on the 15th, which is mean I cannot follow my family to attend Bro Delvin's graduation ceremony, which is also mean I cannot go back to my hometown. :(
The reason is because Ms Chang applied leave for the same day too.
We're in the same department, so it is impossible my boss allow us to on leave in the same day.
Since her matter is more important than mine, I don't mind it.
I cannot be so selfish right?
Sorry bro, I can't attend your convo. :<

 I received a call from Mr Richard the other day and he told me that I cannot apply the Bachelor in Business Administration due to my young age. 
Seriously, I thought I heard the wrong thing, it's about AGE MATTER.
Its not about I jump course from TOURISM to BUSINESS. It is also nothing to do with my result.
 By the way, my result very good one so that one will not be a problem for me. :p
He asked me to go for the Higher Diploma in Business first then continue with the Bachelor program.
That matter bothers me a lot lately. I haven't tell my parents about this bad news yet.
I hate when everything is prepared well and suddenly cannot do it.
I still remember how excited I am to blog about it and now I blog about it again in totally opposite way.
What for I waste my time to study Higher Diploma for two years and go for the Bachelor for another two years?
 I rather go for Bachelor in Tourism Management.
This is mean I have to go INTI Genting there since I took my Diploma in INTI education group.
Urgh~ I still cannot make up my mind.
Is there any other way?

I don't feel like continue blog about what happened this afternoon.
It just making me feeling more bad.

Hoping for better day.


  1. Gosh... shill out, Carol.. you soundd almost like me when I'm pissed off. I agree with you that some people are just goddamn rude and duzzin mind their own business. =( I have lotsa ppl like that in my life too, and sometimes I just wish that they will DIE a horrible death!

  2. @cleffairy: U know yesterday i almost want to just yell to both of them?! I am so freaking mad n pissed off with their stupid bloody questions and actions! I know la am like the youngest at there, yet they still have to respect me. I don't think i need to respect those kind of fellas! back-stabbed me, one night stand with my bloody ex, n now wat?! urgh! i just have enough with this.

  3. Caroline.. working has its pressures, anywhere also, there are sure to be some bad "apples" along the way. :) The golden fingers or the 8 por-ness will always be lurking for the next victim to poke.. hahaha... on the positive side, if u r victimized, it means they envy u, maybe jealous of your good looks and intelligence! That is why they want to intrude into yr life, your FB or whatever they can lay their hands on...
    Blogging here is for u to rant it out.. u r doing a great job! :p

  4. Urghh..just ignored peeps like that.. anyway, why cant apply for bachelor prog? because of age??? really? ohmigod? u are 21 what??

  5. When it rains, it surely pours...these are all part and parcel of life...with regards to your education, just remember less fortunate people around the world, and you will be grateful of life. ;-)

    That's what I tend to do, look at life in a bigger picture.

  6. @reanaclaire: thnk u. yea i understand dat. but i really dunno why dey can do all the things and still can pretend like ntg happen, its so hard for me to do so. urgh!!!

    @Victori J. Ongkili: yea am trying to ignore them. :) hmph! talk bout dat, am sooooo geram, dec then 21, n dey said need at least 23/4?! i was like okay fine then. hmph!

    @Anonymous: hmm whoever u are, i wanna thank u for dropping by. :) thanks for that, i know what to do dy. :)next time do plz leave ur name yea. :)

  7. aiyoh, your colleagues really gossip BIATCH lor.. what's wrong with them?? maybe they are just jealous with you.. i really cannot understand what they are thinking and trying to do.. so, the best thing is just ignore them, you are not the same level as them, you are higher class ok??

  8. hmmm, quite disappointing that you can't take leave and attend your brother's convo.. well, nvm lah, maybe you treat him a good dinner later, or maybe you record a video for him and ask your parents to play it to him on the spot.. :p

  9. OMG, what's the matter?? can't admit for the course because of age?? this is ridiculous enough!! first time in history i've ever heard that.. well, have you go try out other places, am sure you can get one easily..

  10. Don't worry be happy. Just wait for my parcel lar... will sure make you happy one. (hope so lar) huhuhuh

  11. @[SK]: Yea ignoring them. :) lol got say high class or low class one meh! hahaha! now im begging my parents so dat i can go labuan on the saturday. :) Sunday then back. :) no need record video lor, every night chat webcam oso. haha. just that i really wanna attend it. he scored very very well! yea right i know its funny! but yes it TRUE! dey said im too young for the bachelor program. wth!

  12. @Irenelim: hehe i'll let u noe once i got it k. hehe

  13. Aww poor thing! Those two girls are but a nuisance! They're probably jealous and kiasu people who have nothing better to do. You have much better use of your time than to care about what they say all right? HUGS!

  14. @iamthewitch: i think so. lol ntg to jealous actually cz dey oso got their own bf wat! lol. yea ignore them is the best thing to do! auww.. got hugs! ;p

  15. Tourism Management is much better and don't waste ur precious time going for business:)

  16. @Kelvin: Yea maybe I should just stay in Tourism. :) Thnx yea. :)

  17. oo! now i know why u're moody! anyway! all the best and luck to u! i can't help u but to cheer you up! stand up and fight back!

  18. @Kenzo: auww thnx so much Kenzo! how nice of u. :)

  19. OMG Carol.. why are they so busy body for something that is none of their business.. LOL...??

  20. @Frenda: i know right, aunt. i oso dnt hv any idea y r dey doing so, dunno wat benefit dey got. :s maybe thats just them. lol

  21. Your friends are jealous of you lah! Just ignore them!

    Can't join course because too young? It's not like you are 8 years old! What's that all about?

  22. @foongpc: well for me actually we're all the same n nothing to jealous. :/ yea he said the HQ at KL there said that am too young for this program. i am so speechless after that. :S

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