iPhone or Blackberry?

If you ask me which I prefer, iPhone or Blackberry?
I am going to tell you I prefer to have Blackberry. :)
For those iPhone lovers, no offend yea. :)

For Malaysian, we all know that the THREE main mobile operator - DiGi, Celcom and Maxis - offering different plans for us with iPhone and Blackberry.
I am one of the Digi's loyal customer so I am only going to talk about DiGi at here. :)

We all also know that now DiGi is hot with the iPhone plans!
And I know everyone is getting it. Lol!

Just now I had a talk with my sister, and she ask me to buy her new phone and she wants Blackberry.
I was like.... :" *WOOT?!* I am not that rich so go ask from daddy unless you can get the CHEAP price as in below RM500 then I can get it straight for you!." Hahaha! Or maybe get it from her boyfie!
Well, even though I said to her like that, deep inside my heart I am going to get it for her. :)

I browsed at Digi's website again and I saw this one!
Its the new Blackberry plans - Blackberry Bold 9700.
It is much better than previous Blackberry plans. :)


It mentioned there Coming Soon.
So, I think I will get her this one.
Or maybe search at phone shop for her. 
For your info, its kinda hard to find those phone shop that selling Blackberry devices.
Perhaps, I am going to get one for myself too. heee.. :))

Its not that I dislike iPhone or what...
I know all Apple product is good and high tech than others, yet I am still prefer Blackberry more.
And... Most of my friends who used iPhone before (see they all very rich, haha), they then changed to Blackberry.
And... those who actually using Blackberry, they then changed to newest model of Blackberry.
I wonder why? Lol.


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  1. u ask witch, saucer n foong.. all iphone user! u ask me.. i Samseng user.. lol..

  2. From iPhone to Blackberry then to Strawberry :p

  3. @Merryn: haha FC! lol yea i knew 3 of them just got their precious iPhone. haha. am not interested with it at all. Last time my ex offer to buy for me i also refused to. haha.

    @Bananaz: ROFL! wat la u diz.. haha

  4. Bananaz's correct! strawberry lagi shiok!

  5. @Merryn @Bananaz: do u guys noe about the msia's brand - CSL - bluberry phone?? hahaha.. its true kay.

  6. the reason why i chose iphone is that i never had blackberry hehe

  7. I also wanted to get BB Bold 2 at first, but wait until cannot tahan already! Then Iphone came out, so I jumped ship! *LOL*

  8. @bluedreamer27: lol! okay go get ur iphone then. :p

    @iamthewitch: lol iphone very nice oso ba. i played with my fren's one n my ex last time keep wanna get me an iphone, i say i dnt like it. lol! BB Bold will be my target! haha

  9. But wait, what about Google Nexus One? :)

  10. @Irenelim: haha! oh well dat one not bad too. :D

  11. Why not get both iPhone and BB? LOL!!

  12. I've never used a BB so cannot say which is better. But I'm so happy with my iPhone right now compared with my Sony Ericsson C902 last time lah. Haha!

    But if just based on physical looks, iPhone sure looks much better than BB IMHO. Haha! Of course you may not agree - just my opinion! : )

  13. @foongpc: haha sotz! wat for get both?! lol! both oso nice la, just different ppl different opinion. :)

  14. I thing I will choose iPhone tooo after weighing both the pros and cons of both phones. :D

  15. Since DiGi is offering their killer RM108 package I thing it is affordable. :D

  16. War...your sister asked you to buy her a new phone? LOL :D So if Rm500, you would agree to buy her the new phone lar? A very good sister huh!

  17. @Tekkaus: bwek! i am stil with BB. haha. yea it is affordable. :) lol, yup but whr u can get BB with that price? haha