It's Friday!
Love Friday as it is close to weekends! =D

This afternoon I've uploaded few pictures into my facebook profile.
After few minutes, I received few comments and Merryn too!

Lol! That is not just a long stick, SUGARCANE larr!

We are not playing with it kay...
Those sugarcanes are all given by one of the loyal customer, Mr Radza Lee.
He will always bring different type of foodies for us in the office. 
And yes, he is one of the fella who can't pronounce my name properly, he always call me Corroline. =.=

This morning, he came to office and brought those sugarcane for us.
We all look at him with those weird expression, then he said that those sugarcane is the BEST and SWEETEST of all, just for you all kay. Then he left. 

He just put it on Jessica's desk that way. 

Then, Ms Chang ask me to look at it and see what we can do with those stick.
Okay, they ask me to take it and what they did is cam-whore me! WTH!

So damn heavy kay and they keep say re-take and re-take till I pissed off.
They thought bamboo stick meh?! Sugarcane very juicy one lor! Hmph!
I am not model to promote those sugarcane kay!

Ms Chang then ask us to get one stick for own self. I took the shortest one.
Okay so again.... cam-whoring with them...
Am just going to show some of it.

Myself with the accountant, Ms Chang.
No one ever get the full picture of her before and yes am the first one!
Others was quite surprised with me! =D

Myself with Ms Stephanie. :)
She's still quite new at there and omg her voice is just too soft.

Myself with Dona.

Lol okay look at it properly kay...
I did not use the sugarcane to hit him kay!
Am not that mean. ;p

Myself with Ella.
She's pregnant now. :)

Dona. :)


There's nothing to celebrate, just that we all trying to have fun with those sugarcane stick. haha.
No such day called "Sugarcane Day", but there is "Sugarcane Festival". 
Ms Chang bite it and she said really sweeeeetttttt!
The office cleaner cut it into smaller portion and let us try, its really juicy and sweet!

Nothing much to talk about today. 
You know today's weather is just being so nice - raining whole day - love it so much. :3
I enjoyed my day with Ms Chang and Olivia. ;p

Oh! Met and had a quite "wonderful" dinner with little devil L.
Guess what? The boss told us that 29th May will be an extra holiday for us, so... this is means we gonna have like 4 days holiday next month! or maybe MORE?!
How nice?! It's like 28th start holiday and only start work on the 2nd of June.


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  1. if bamboo stick can pass to foong.. unfortunately.. they are sugar cane :D

  2. n u'll be flying to KL then????

  3. @Merryn: lol FC! haha! yea la, sgar cane very heavy one. full with juice inside. haha dnt ask in here ba, p&c one. :)

  4. My mum got plant this sugarcane in her garden, but scary lohh, got snake attracted to it!

  5. @cleffairy: lol snake love sugarcane one meh?? i dunno one.. haha

  6. I dono... but got snake nest worr... send my mum ask ppl to cut them down liao, cuz sked. :(

  7. I saw the picture too. LOL :D Why suddenly wanna play with the sugarcane pulak?

  8. is good to have such a good customer huh! Every time will bring different stuff for you guys. :D

  9. The sweetest of them all? Haha :D Then you guys took it and played with it lar?

  10. It's good that you guys can entertain yourself with virtually anything. :D

  11. @cleffairy: lol i dunno worr.. but seems like so dangerous one. then no more sugarcane ah?

  12. So huge the sugar cane!! But I don't like to eat it just like to drink sugar cane juice fresh! :)

  13. many sugarcane! may i have one from u? =P

  14. Aiyoy, so excited with the sugar cane. Should have sent it to the stall and have the juice 100% extracted and 'yam seng' in the office.

  15. @Tekkaus: wakakaka! dint play ba, just pose with it. hahaha :D NO LA, colleague ba dat. yea cz we're so bored. :p unlike unc very busy worr.. hehe

  16. @iamthewitch: yea its huge. nah i dnt like to eat it too.. haha our office's outside got lots those stall selling fresh sugar cane juice. :D VERY REFRESHING! :)

  17. @molly: actually outside the office got lots stall selling sugar cane juice. heeee...

  18. @Kenzo: yes come i give u one! haha! one only ah, not more ah. :p

  19. wow i love that, it reminds me of my grampa..who keeps on buying sugarcane for us...
    i remember how we eat it... we're sipping the sweet juice of that sugar cane until we can't sip anything... is that really how to eat it?

  20. @bluedreamer27: haha yea dats d way, but somehow i dnt like it, preefr just buy the sugar cane juice. :p

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