MSN Happenings brightened up my Gloomy Thursday!

Guess what?
I woke up extra early this morning as nobody going to wake me up as usual. :(
FIVE alarm clocks rang like hell at 5am sharp. 
Don't be shocked and I didn't bluff anyone of you.
I always have difficulty in waking up early morning and I only will wake myself if my tummy hungry. :p

Haha! Suituapui also surprised I can be the FC in his blog this morning.
I know right. :p
Wah! You’re FC today! That fairy and that kuching already hanyut ke lautan sepi! LOL!!! Gosh! All old people the same one kah? Hahahahaha!!! - by STP. 

As usual, get myself ready and tweeting. :)
And saw Cleffairy tweeted me. :)
I told her the reason I can be the FC in STP's blog.

Her replies:

After I read it, I was like "WHY DIDN'T TELL ME EARLY?!"
Lol! Quite surprised and auww so touched! 
Thanks Cleffairy! =D

Colleague fetch me up and we go for breakfast before going to office. :)
Well, I know that today am going to be quite busy as Ms Chang on leave.
I am really get shocked to see all those suppliers' statements on my desk. I hate all those!
Lot things to do for sure. :/

My Thursday morning was so gloomy and things happened made me so fed up to stay in the office.
Both you older than me and supposed to be more mature and professional than me, but why act that way?!
They got crisis with their boyfriend and they show it on work. WTF?!
What for scolding people for no reason?! Why keep slam those files in front of us?! 
Don't mix up your personal life problem with work can or not?!
I myself so in pain and sorethroat, yet I still act as usual.
*pissed off*

After that, I am really so not in the mood to be in that bloody office.
And at that particular time, my seniors (in college last time) suddenly chat me in MSN.
Seriously. they really cheered me up.

Who are they?
They are Christy, Victoria and Michelle.
Christy and Victoria are both same secondary school as me last time.
I only get to know this cute girl named Michelle in college. :)
They are very close to each other and besties of their life!
Actually there's another one named Kit Ling but she didn't online today. 
Four of them always stick with each other in college just like my besties and I. =D

Below are some of our chat logs: 

At first, am not sure who invited me to join this room, but I guess is Christy. 
See what she said there. LOL!
Three of us working and she's staying at home with her little boy, Ethan.

We talked about the upcoming event - INTI Night, and Christy actually asking us what to wear and tadaaa!
Mich said that she's gonna wear bra and undies only. ROFLMAO!
Since we're in the group chat now, Christy appointed me as the witness for this.
Okay, please don't get us wrong. We're just joking with each other. =)
Victoria suddenly disappeared from the chat room and left us. 

I saw Christy's msn status : "I carried Ethan (he's sleeping) while I was driving this morning and the lorry driver kept looking at me with his mouth opened."
I asked her what happened and she told us about it. Lol. 
See... she's describing herself as supermama there. Haha! =D

Victoria invited all of us to her chat room and yes four of us back together again.
Lol. That's what Christy said.
Guess she get mad when she saw people's status available but when she chat , the person didn't reply.
I quickly changed my status from "busy" to "available". LOL!
And you can see my picture border is in green color already. =)

As we all know that, in msn chat, we can use those icons to show our expressions instead of just using plain words. Mich was using Meebo messenger as she don't have the MSN messenger in her computer at that time, therefore she cannot see all those cute icons and just saw those plain words.
Victoria kept on asking her this kind of questions : "Then means you didn't see my HAHA, my HEHE, and so on." Just so you know, she kept on repeating her words. LOL.
Christy then purposely copy and paste it again and again. *faint*

Haha! Victoria said to them that I am sure printing screen while chatting that time, YES!
I printed a lot of screen to keep it. LOL! :p

After chatting session with three of them, I felt much better and not that tense anymore.
Thanks for brightened up my gloomy Thursday! =D
I am also enjoy tweeting with blogger friends in twitterville! 
You guys know who you are. =D




  1. =.= Stp must feel very strange la... usually never see you wake up so early ma. :P

  2. Surely I know that I am not the first one here. Ha :D

  3. need 5 alarm clocks to wake you up? Goodness...why? Haha :D

  4. Wow...not professional ler your colleague. Git domestic problem then bring it to the office. Not good at all. *tsk! tsk! tsk!*

  5. Sounds like you need to chat a lot to loosen uphuh! :D

  6. Hmmm...lucky thing, at least got wear bra and undies! Muahahahaha!!!

  7. Can i be first today for the very first time???
    Good morning Caroline, so Cleff is your alarm clock from today onwards? Great.. i told STP too, she never sleeps.. not at night though.. :)


  9. oh great i am really the FC hahaha

  10. by the way even the alarm clock (even i set it to the highest ringing tone) there's no effect to me at all... that's why my mom just pinch me to wake up LOL

  11. me too having a hard time waking up in the morning... Lol... And having a hard to get sleep too yikes...
    I am an insomniac, (but i keep drinking coffee every night which is weird haha)

  12. i am not so familiar with the twitterville, i don't even know how twitter really works.. hehe

  13. have a great day Caroline Happy blogging

  14. @cleffairy: lol! this 3 days sure wk up early one. :p

  15. @bluedreamer27: haha actually i saw ur comment dy last night, but purposely dint show it. :p so, u're d FC!

  16. @Victoria J Ongkili: my gudness disease spread till comment here dy! wahahahaha!

  17. @reanaclaire: oops sowiee... FC taken. next time perhaps! :D haha no la, i wk up myself. heeee...

  18. @suituapui: got ppl start thinking differently ... hahahaha!

  19. @Tekkaus: haha yea i need 5! lol not a lot larr.. just sometimes ny.

  20. Wah how come you're waking up earlier and earlier!!! No need to sleep ah!!

  21. @iamthewitch: lol only 3 days, i slept quite early nowadays. :) after blog then oi oi dy. :D

  22. @bluedreamer27: lol same! gosh! haha btw i dnt drink coffee but i love starbucks <-- weird huh? lol i followed ur twitter but never see u onlibe at thr, :) Its fun thou~

  23. Looks like i cannot be your FC sigh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    anyway dont wake up early again tomorrow, go and enjoy yourself kuat kuat and then tidur tidur sedap sedap ,,ya,

    great weekend to you and god bless

  24. @eugene: lol its okie. :) LOL! i hope so! but tomorrow still working. :( anyway thnx n u too! :D

  25. *faint* at STP's comment! lol.. wooot!

  26. Somebody told my she will talk to her pillow the night before so that she could wake up on time. Have tried but my pillow always turn me down. :)

  27. Hahaha... can't help it but thought perhaps if you asked your pillow, the next morning your pillow might wake u up on time!

  28. Try that ok... ask your pillow to wake you up! Hahahah

  29. @Irenelim: lol yes am going to try it for tomorrow morning. :p

  30. @molly: okay i think am gonna try it too. haha! :D

  31. @Mr Lonely: Thnx for dropping by. :) okie no prob. :)

  32. what??!! you wake up at 5am to go to work?? that's crazy man.. 5am is still dark, and i'm still sleeping~~

  33. yeah, sometimes MSN can be quite disturbing and distractive.. but most of a time, friends over the other end can really cheer up your day.. :)

  34. wat happen to ur sugarcane post? mana dia? :P