My Dear Blogger Friends.

My dear blogger friends...
Thanks so much for the comments in my previous post.

I felt so touched and am pretty sure if my friend know about this, she is surely going to feel better.
You guys are all so nice and caring people.
I am so glad for knowing you all at here. :)

So... this post will dedicate to all of you!
Let me begin with the first blogger anonymous that I've known yea.
It will based on who left their footprint in my blog first yea. :)

He is the very first blogger anonymous that I know.
Getting to know him is great but I know you all know him earlier than me so means you guys know him more. :)
Though he always blame me for what-so-ever thing, I know he is just trying to joke and make fun.
Am I right, Mr Blamer?? *oops* Mr Panda? hehe.. :p
Oh! Same birthday with me some more! =D
Very hard to get same birthday with such *famous* blogger worr. :p

He is the second.
A great buddy for Foongpc. :)
Yes another well-known blogger of all. :)
A very caring blogger I can say. :)
My Top FC and also Top Commenter for last month - March. =D

Irene Lim

She is the third "reader".
I bet you all know that she is not a blogger right?
She is a wonderful woman who can fulfill every girls and ladies who aways dream for reasonable price with quality guaranteed apparels! 
Most of the ladies who joined the Project Witch blogged about their apparels and yes of course with desired satisfaction! :)
So am I, love both dresses so much. :)

- 4th -
Another "reader".
I called him as Mr. Jomshout.
I signed up in his website and I found out his site's function quite similar as Twitter.
He is a very friendly admin I can say.
He always try his best to communicate with the members in his website. :)


- 5th -
What a cool page of him!
Another buddy of Foongpc. :)
He left his first footprint on this post - Birthday Special!!



- 6th -
Another well-known blogger. :)
I am happy with his first visit and he left his footprint too
Oh! He is my Top Three Commenter - March. =D


- 7th -
One of the favorites nuffnangers!
I bet you all know who's that little hero in the picture above - Ethan.
I blog hopping to her blog through Uncle Tekkaus's blog.
*Gosh* I am in love with that little boy in her blog! =D
No doubt, her blog is very interesting! =)
One of my closest blogger friend I can say.
Loving her CT so will purposely call her just to listen her cute CT! :p
Oh! My Top Two Commenter - March. =D

- 8th -
You all know him as blogger. :)
I am not sure how he found my blog but for sure I am happy for his first visit at here.
He left his very first footprint on " Happy and Excitement! "
He added me in Facebook and thats the beginning of my "trip" to his blog.
I like the way he described places in Sabah. Just so well! =D


- 9th -
What a gorgeous lady I can meet in this blogger world?
Don't jealous yea. :p
I love reading her blog and I followed her another two blogs too.
All those words inside her blogs are all motivated me a lot. :)
Her very first footprint on Happy and Excitement!. =)

My Photo

- 10th -
Another lovely blogger that I know!
Should I thanks to Merryn for this? Of course! =D
Glad to know her and happy with her first visit and footprint on Happy and Excitement! too. =)

Wong Sk

- 11th -
A blogger who blog about technology!
He found my blog through Uncle Tekkaus's blog. :)
I enjoy reading his blog as it is full with information and complete with guides.
Happy with his first visit and for leaving his footprint on How "Boredom" turned to "Excitement"!
Another blogger friend who added me in facebook. =D


- 12th -
Another blogger get to know my blog through Merryn worr.. :)
Very surprise with her first visit and guess what?
Her first visit = FC aye! 
Happy with her first footprint on - ThankYou Post - which I actually dedicated that particular post for dearest Merryn. =D
I am glad to know her and very much thanks for those e-books! :D
This fairy never sleep at night. Lol. :p 
Ohyea! Congrats for her book and she is a good writer! =D

- 13th -
OMG! Sorry for the blurr picture above. :(
I don't mean it but the picture that I've got is tooooo small to show, thats why I make it larger a little bit. :)
Feeling great to know him! =)
My early brekkie is either his blog or Cleffairy's blog.
Why? Because only their blog in my list that update every early morning. =D
Happy for his first visit and footprint on  - The MOST Memorable Moment of Earth Hour 2010 - .


- 14th -
How should I introduce him? A blogger of course! :)
His blog is one of my favorites blog! 
I tend to read the chinese character and yea a great way for me to improve my Cantonese too!
According to Foongpc, this SK always spammed comments in his blog, and he told me HE LOVE IT!
Thanks for your first visit and left your very first footprint on I CAN COOK ba!. =D


- 15th -
Another wonderful blogger that I've known. :)
A great Papa Blogger. :p
I am not sure how he found this little blog but I am glad to know him!
Happy with his first visit and footprint on *Uncle* TEKKAUS .

My Photo

- 16th -
One of the great FOOD blogger I can say!
A loving hubby to wonderful wife called "Witch". 
I always have to make sure I am full before start reading his blog's update. Lol.
The foods inside his blog just so yummy!
Glad for his first visit and footprint on The REASON I DISLIKE my name.


- 17th -
Another great blogger who found me through Foongpc's blog. :)
And another blogger friend be my friend in facebook. :)
Glad to know him for sure. :)
Of course happy for his first visit and footprint on WINNERS!


- 18th -
What a wonderful gorgeous blogger I can know at here! =D
Yes, as I mentioned previously in Saucer's, here she is the wonderful wife to him. =)
Yes I am here to say that she also one of the great FOOD blogger!
All those foods captured and presented very well which will cause you hungry when you reading it.
So? Fill you tum-tum before open her page yea! :p
Again, very much thanks to her for the Project Witch for giving me a chance to get a FREE dress! =D
Happy for her first visit anf footprint on *Clever* me! heee!.


- 19th -
Who know him?? Lol.
A blogger who loves photoshop!
Lol. Nice thing is he shares and give guidelines in using photoshop. :)
Glad to know him and again happy with his first and footprint on Ladies Night @ Colossus!.


- 20th -
Another blogger anonymous! Nice one!
As I mentioned before, he is the one who offered me the sub-domain to me.
He also helped me in fixing the error due to blogger bug.
Glad to know him and happy with his first visit on Those Words.
His first footprint = FC! =D

Not to forget some of these bloggers who visited and leave their footprints in my blog.

My Photo

My Photo



My Photo

Those who followed me on twitter, I am really happy tweeting with you guys. :)
Morning wishes and night wishes never missed! haha!

Sorry if I forgot to put your name at here, but I just want you know that I am happy for having you all around here. :) Very happy to know you all. :)
I know some of my readers are my friends, and you guys know who you are and I love you all. =)

[p/s: Apology to Superman, I didn't see you put your picture at your profile, so I just google superman's image for it. Hope you don't mind yea. :)


  1. T_T wan cry liao, so touching. u remember everyone. T_T

  2. Wow, I can't believe that I'm in the top 5! Thanks Carol for not posting my picture :p

  3. wrote a tribute for all of us. I am glad that you even mention about us. :D

  4. thank you so much caroline, we are treasuring you as much as you treasured us... wish you all the hapiness^^

  5. Aiyor...No. 13! Hope it's a lucky number for me...

  6. Hi Carol, very interesting and creative blog posting. well done, nothing like complimenting those who made you smile or brought out the sun.
    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  7. clap ...clap......clapppp.....
    thank you, terima kasih, kam siah...
    *speechless* :p

  8. shall start leaving fotprints from this post thanks for linking me up...will link you back..XD

  9. Hahaha, Thank you thank you to you too, nice to have known such a wonderful person like you but i have one complain though.

    next time if you want to put my picture on your blog, let me know ma...... at least i will send you one that me and my lovely wife will look very very nice one ma,,,hahahahahaha just a joke

  10. Thanks for mentioning my name. Appreciate that!

  11. its my first time dropping by.. and it's a dedication to all the bloggers. haha. nice blog. have a nice day :)

  12. fuiyo... u r so very the thoughtful! thank you thank you thank you.. :D

  13. Wow! I'm 1st! But too bad not 1st commenter! LOL!

  14. Thanks for the tribute ya! Of course I am kidding when I blame you - though it's fun, haha!

    Yeah, hard to find someone with same birthday! Good we have same birthday!

    Eh, I am not that famous lah, just normal anonymous blogger only!

    I still remember when I first visited your blog I could not leave any comments as you only provide the chatbox. I don't like chatboxes!!

    Good thing can leave comments now!!

    How come almost everyone you pay tribute to I also know one? Haha!

  15. wow! i am so happy that my name is listed here

  16. Aww so touching post Caroline!! I'm indeed glad to have met you in the blogging world.. you are one bright-eyed cheerful girl! :) Look forward to your morning wishes everyday on Twitter ok! Don't ever forget that!! :)

  17. Wowie you remembered from head to toe. Dont play play. tQ

  18. You're positive Bananaz is a 'he' and not a 'she' becoz we often say 'kung chew' in Cantonese and not 'na chew'? lol :p tQ

  19. @Muhammad Razimie: hahahaha! dnt hv meh?? lol

  20. @cleffairy: aiyo, dnt cry la. nah i give u tissue. hahaha sure will rmb all of u lar, so nice worr... :)

  21. @Tekkaus: haha just for all of u ma! :D

  22. @reanaclaire: lol so multi-lingual ah u. :p u're most welcome at here! :D

  23. @Uncle Lee: thnx for dropping by. :) i am appreciating them for their care and kindness to me. :)

  24. @Eric Lee: lol! i tell u, dnt u dare to blog a post that way nemore! my gudness! lol yea u're welcome. :)

  25. @eugene: wei its a sudden thoughts to blog about this. blame u guys for being so caring! hahahaha! i heart u all.. :D

  26. @Merryn: just for u all. :D Really glad to know all wonderful u. :)

  27. @Allison: welcome u to my page! hehe do often dropping by yea. :D visited ur nice blog too!! :D

  28. @foongpc: LOL! sure u're not d 1stla! such busy panda whr got time to be FC. HAHA.

    u're welcome, panda. haha yea right gek sei ppl owez fun one. lol

    dare to say urself not famous? try ask others see... :p

    LOL! yea and i remember u kaypo bout v'day gift that i've got that time. lol neway its all over. duhh~

    can leave comments but not spam comments. haha

    of course u noe la! but surely some of them found my blog not from u! :p

  29. @Garfield: haha good to know you're happy with it. :D

  30. @Bananaz: yea never play play one! ;p

    wth! kung chew n na chew! hahahahaha

  31. @iamthewitch: hahaha! thnx and me too same! haha wont ever forget to do so!

  32. Thank you so much for this great post featuring many familiar faces! :)