Blessed Easter and Fun Sunday!

Well, guess you all know that I had a great time with my bestie the other day. :)
And I bet you guys also know that how excited I am waiting for the actual day. :)
I think you guys also know how much I've been missing two of them. 

Last Sunday, which is Easter Day as well, I went to meet my bestie after church. 
My sister Florance came along with me too, well she knows Vic as well.
You know? I just can't wait to meet my bestie! Haha!

Thank God there is no traffic jam at all! heee...
I kept on texting and calling Vic if she reached the place already. 
Too bad she was stuck in the traffic jam on her way, so I told her to just wait at Wawasan Plaza and I'm going to wait her there.

I arrived Wawasan Plaza and waited for almost 20minutes and finally get to see her!
Tell you guys that she said me a lil bit insane as I kept on calling her and I don't want to hang up till I saw her coming to my way! :p
The moment we meet up, we hugged each other! auww...
Yes in front of the shopping complex. XD
After that, we headed to the new and biggest shopping mall in East Malaysia - Suria Sabah.

We thought that the GSC at there already opened, sad to say that not yet. :/

So, we moved on to Centre Point.
We went up to 8th floor where the Growball cinema at.
We bought tickets for two movies! yay!
The movie going to start at 1.40pm and we actually still have approximately 20minutes.

We went to the cafe to have light meal while waiting for the movie started.

I love the sea view from the cafe. :)
We did some cam-whores at there. heee...
We enjoyed chit-chatting and we talked about our beloved bestie, Annie.
We missed her so much.

Oh! We get ourselves pop corn and soft drinks before we entered the cinema hall for our first movie.
 - How To Train Your Dragon -
We laughed a lot and totally enjoy watching it.
We are actually surrounded by those kids with their parents inside the cinema hall.
You know you can hear those kids' laughter when comes to those funny part in the movie.

The first movie ended at 3.05pm and our next movie start at 4.05pm.
We thought the first movie going to take 2 hours and that's why we didn't buy for the show at 3.40pm, we don't want to rush ourselves to another cinema hall later on.
So, we took that time to do some shopping!

We went to the House Of Collection and that's the place I met him!
He is so cute and adorable!
That's the reason why I fell in love with him at the first sight.
Just so you know, I don't believe love at first sight.
 For those who thought I am in love or fell in love, sorry but I have to tell you guys that I am not. :p
He is only a kid and he is Japanese. :) He don't understand English at all.
They was looking at those key chains and actually trying to compare which one is nice to buy and which one look unique. The salesgirl kept on laughing at them as the way they talk kinda funny for her.
At that time, I was looking at some other stuffs and standing just next to this cute boy!
They looked at me and smile at me, and that makes my day brighter! haha!
I greeted them and asking them : " Nihon-jin desu ka?" (Are you Japanese?)
Guess what? The boy answered me so happily "Hai! Nihon-jin desu!" (Yes!I am Japanese!)
Then here we go with a lil more conversation and yes we took picture together!
He told me that they are actually on tour and going to be at here for a week plus. =D

I thank God that I'd learnt Japanese language in college last time! Yay!
We talked and oh-mi-god he is just sooooooo cute!
Here's the only memory for me to keep.

Just after few minutes, I met this Hong Kong tourist.
He heard me speak Chinese to my sister and he was amazed by me. LOL.
He told me that he is from Hong Kong and on tour too.
He then asked:"How about you? You're from China? "
ROFL! I then told me that I am local, and only if you can see how he react that time!
He said :" Wow! You are local and you can speak Chinese!"
My sister and Vic kept on watching me and laughed at me that time!
I answered him that my daddy is Chinese and I didn't really talk to him as I need to go shop for dress.
Tata to him. lol!

After that, we went to the newly opened outlet - eNovel.
I love all the dresses and especially those wedding gowns!

Actually there are few more dresses the I've tried on that day. :p

We didn't spent much time at there too as our movie almost start at that time, so we left.
We went up to the 8th floor again for our second movie. :)
- Clash Of The Titans -
Nice movie to watch. But I know I missed some minor part of the movie, those minor part look scary for me.
So, I just closed my eyes with my hands. huhu..
Overall, the movie is nice. :)
For those who haven't watched it, go for it.

After we finished watched the movie, we went to Pizza Hut as sister wants to eat pizza.
We continue our chit-chat session and recorded a short video for Annie.

After finished eating, we then sent Vic home.
On the way sending her home, she asked me about my last time presentation about Asian Culture subject. I don't mind to share with her. :) That was one of the interesting subject and that was the first time I wore Sari and it is actually hard to wear it kay!

After play... become like this.. lol.

I wished her lucks for her today's presentation about Bali.
I know you can do it darling!
Annie and I always wish for your lucks!

- Random shot of the day -

I really had a blessed Easter Day and enjoyed myself on that Sunday.
Thank God for everything.





  1. come it sounds like you cannot control yourself anymore? LOL :D

  2. War...not good if you didn't hang up. Because she will get saman later. :D

  3. there are 2 cinemas in the same shopping complex? GSC and the other one is Growball Cinema? What a name. :p

  4. Wow...I am the first commenter? :D

  5. So do you guys felt out of place in the cinema when you watched the first movie? :p All kids and movies surrounding you?

  6. Ouh....I thought you fall in love with a super handsome Japanese boy. LOL :D

    He looks cute. I can speak Japanese too you know. I studied until level 3...but I flopped lar. My wife scored As. :D

  7. war...why go test all those wedding gowns? Wanna get married that soon? :p But you are 21 already. Can get married already.

  8. @tekkaus: lol i really miss her! hehe! she cant cross road that time if i x hang up. :p nope. the GSC at Suria Sabah and Growball at Centre Point. :) oh no! I felt like HOME! xD

  9. 8th floor? This wawasan complex sounds super huge. :)

    I wanna watch Clash of the Titans. All the bloods and broken bones... :D

  10. Hahaha :D You felt like home? Why is that? because your home has a lot of kids too? :)

  11. caroline, u look very glamorous in those gown like dresses.. pretty lady!

  12. @reanaclaire: lol thnx but am not pretty lady lerr.. so skinny. :/

  13. @Tekkaus: yup yup FC! lol whr got wedding gown, i dint try dat 1 lar. :p i just try those dresses. :p haha cz i got lil baby sis n my lil bro is just 10yrs old. haha wanna get married oso need spouse one ma. lol. now in single-hood ler. lol!my japanese all As! :p i still can speak in dat language. haha

  14. By the time i scroll down n read the whole post.. sooooo many comments dy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I had bad experience in Pizza Hut leh...

  16. @Merryn: lol unc tekkaus very fast tonight. :P how come? but me less go pizza hut de. haha so far very service. :)

  17. belated Happy Easter!!! geehh love the pasta....