Love at the FIRST SIGHT!

Today, I am very happy!!
I met me bestie, Victoria Oey Cardenas and guess what?!
I am so in love now, do you guys believe love at first sight?!
Auww.. he is just being so sweet to me. :)

Wohoo! I watched TWO movies back to back! :D
So long didnt't do that way! I missed all those moment where we watch 3-4 movies in a day.
The difference is I am not sitting on the couple seat anymore. LOL!

First movie of the day is...

- How To Train Your Dragon - 

I love it so much! Everything is so fine and funny and romantic and sweet!
I am going to get DVD for this movie so that I can re-watch it anytime I want. yay!
I know most of you watched it already, therefore I am not going to blog about the story. :)
I don't mind to watch it for second and third time. :p

Second movie of the day:

- Clash Of The Titans -

What a great movie I can say!
I enjoyed watching it, just that some scene I didn't watch, kinda full with violent. 
Luckily I am sitting in the middle, yes Vic and Sis Flo surely used to how-I-act-when-Im-scared. haha!
Love the ending, so romantic! <3

I am missing him!
Too bad he is too young for me! And, sad that you're Japanese kid. 
You don't understand what I am saying till I speak Japanese language to you just now.
 Anyway, I am going to miss you so much.





  1. Wow.. u guys so enjoy watched movies hehe...

  2. now you are in love? Watch movie with him some more. :D What 2 movies one day? Woo...I have only done that once in my life. :D

  3. I am? Hahaha :D Really?

    Ok now let's go back to your post... already watched How To Train Your Dragon? It is romantic and sweet? I haven't watch it yet. Hopefully it will come out in DVD soon. I mean original. :D

  4. Yerrr...I am not the first one. :(

    Clash of the Titan is good too? Wow...I wanna watch.

    Ouh...that guy is a Japanese? Love knows no boundries. :D

  5. I thing Clash of the Titan is going to be super Epic. I wanna watch it in Cinema. :D

  6. @Tekkaus: bring wifey to watch together! :D

  7. i never watch movies for a long time already.. glad u enjoyed this weekend..

  8. @Frenda: Yes aunt. enjoyed it so much. :) we shud find time and go watch movie together next time! :) still got few movies i wanna watch! haha

    @Tekkaus:Uncle dnt be sad sad thr. haha i bet this month unc still can be the top commenter de! haha. yea very very very very nice! lol How To Train Your Dragon very sweet and romantic cz of kids fell in love. haha! very cute! :P just now i also searched for d DVD but not come out yet. the movie still quite new worr.

  9. @reanaclaire: come i bring u for movie marathon! haha! me also very less de. always wrong timing and i am actually prefer to just stay at home n rest at home on sunday. :) thanks n i really enjoyed today! :D

  10. @Tekkaus - Dat's why lah kan? This fella go n moderate her comment.. we have to wait so kan cheong to see if we are the FC! lol.. :P definitely no FC for me today!

  11. wah, so nice watch two movies back to back in a day.. i think i've never done that before lor..

  12. and i've not watched either of the two movies yet.. am planning to watch them maybe in the coming weekends..

  13. hmmm, just curious (actually is trying to gossip) who is that guy you are so in love with and can only speak japanese?? hmmm~~ :p

  14. @[SK]: LOL! try it and sure u gonna love it! yea go watch it , worth to watch! :) heee... :P

  15. I haven;t watch any of the movies, huhuhuhuh

  16. @Irenelim: hehe can find time to watch it or buy dvd for it. :)

  17. Yalor, she moderates her comments. Haha :D never mind I will try again next post.

  18. I hear Titans not good...and the Dragon movie's a good one...even at the box office, Titan could not outdo Dragon in its opening week...

  19. @suituapui: LOL! nice lar! just dat its not as nice as how to train ur dragon! :P

  20. Caroline> Yea... me also still have few movies that I want to watch.. hehe We set a date la when are we free to go out watch movies together..

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