Those Words...

Just need to wait for another 10 mins...
Happy Weekends people! =D

Give me some time and some space to breathe.
Please do not pressure me. :)
I may be tough outside but u will not know how fragile inside it is. 
Look at it at different angle and you'll get the answer. :)





  1. Have faith in yourself...for your prayers will be answered when you hold fast and strong to it. :D

  2. Look can be deceiving. Yes, I know this the most. Nid a shoulder to cry on? Dun cari me, cuz I am bad at pujuk-ing. But if you need me to maki ppl... can always come and find me. i'm good at that.

  3. @Garfield: hehe. :)

    @Frenda; i will, aunt. :)

    @Tekkaus: thnx so much, uncle. i will.

  4. @cleffairy: elelele perasan, i got ask u pujuk me meh? :p lol

  5. you know what caroline... i can really relate with that quotes especially the one stating "You Never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have"
    after my father got stroke i took all the responsibilities in my family, it's hard and sometimes i really want to surrender... i sacrificed everything for them including my personal life... being strong is the only option i have in order to survive .... i never believe in my self not until i realize how strong i am as a person... and i am happy that despite of all the challenges i have in life, i have God in me, and i know he's guiding me everyday...

  6. by the way i just saw your comment today... yikes! are you serious with that? hope you're not...coz i really enjoy you being as my FC... actually i am so glad that you are looking forward in reading my post and i really appreciate that a lot...

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