Ladies Night @ Colossus!

Its Ladies Night at Colossus Cafe and Bar tonight!
I went there to meet my dearest Ms Susie, sad that can't meet my little cute Tessa.
She went for Karate training, oh just like the last time me! 

5pm sharp, I ciao from office! Lol!

Each time whenever there is new event at Colossus Cafe, I'll be the first one to be informed. :p
Can you guys imagine how close I am with Ms Susie??
We are sooooo close! :p

I went there after work just now, and as usual I am very excited to see her. 
I was greeted by their friendly waiter and waitress!
They know me aye! :p

- Ginseng Coffee -

- Fried Mee Hoon Singapore style -

- Mee Goreng Mamak -

*thumb up*

They hired the new chef, Chef Peter, all brand new recipe!
Lots new international and local cuisines for me to try! :p
We actually wants to try the Oxtail soup but it is not available tonight. :(
Perhaps, next time! :)

After finished dinner, we continue chit-chat,
I showed her whats on my dress.
Here it is.

She was shocked and asked me why I bought this?
Well its not me bought it, my friend bought for me after I broke up with my last year former boyfriend.

 Cocktail time!
The Ladies Night supposed to start at 9pm but exception for us!
Both Ms Susie and I going to leave early. hahaha!

- Vodka + Orange juice -


Heeee... cam-whoring before drink it. :p

One shot? No way! Lol.

Guess what? 
For being the first customer for today, they given me four coupons to redeem the cocktail drinks.
They are actually only giving each lady three coupons only. 
I am special! hahaha! I am their regular customer too!

I sang a song!

love this shot!

On the stage.

Guess what song I sang just now?? :p

Jack, one of the most friendly staff at Colossus!

Myself with Chef Peter!
Not sure how many shots we took as they said his face looks too serious.
Anyway, thanks to him for the delicious and yummy foods!

Myself with the operation manager, Dennis.
Geez! Another three cameras snapping us that time! Lol!

I am so happy tonight!
I drank three glasses and feeling bit dizzy already.

Ohyea! The singer sang a song and dedicated it to me - Oh Carol!
I love it!
Somebody who would like to sing for me?
Next time I think I want to request for the song - Sweet Caroline. :p

Spending time with Ms Susie is always fun and enjoy!
My parents also never worry about me if I am with Ms Susie. :)

- Random shot of the day -


  1. The place looks nice! Got friends, nice foods, nice band there = Good time!
    That's what I always hope for after a day of hard work! But over here don't have places like this...

  2. @Superman: haha yup! oh how come? where do u live??

    @Merryn: not u owh. :(

  3. not so familiar with the colossus cafe but i bet it's so fun out there

  4. wow coffee, did you know that i am so addicted into coffee, i consumed 10 - 13 cups a day... oh and i already tried ginseng coffee..
    coffees are my energizer

  5. nice dish...asian noodle dishes are the best, here in Phil we have what we called Pancit...and i love it!~!

    ♪♪♫♫ALL the singles ladies♪♪♫All the single Ladies♪♪
    Now put your hands up!♫♫ ^_^

  6. i am not into alcohol, never tried ever since.... hehe

  7. @bluedreamer27: well actually Colossus Cafe jusr started operate few months ny,still quite new. :) My lecturer's bro own it now. :) I am usually dnt drink coffee, nope in my daily life, haha exception for dat 1! haha yea the dish very nice! I love it. lol n u think am so into alcohol, no i am not. :) u shud try. haha just don't get addicted. :)

  8. Eh you have 4 coupons! When are you going to bring me to the next outing at Colossus? *hint*hint* LOL!
    Btw, I added you in my blogroll girl! Let's exchange links! :)

  9. @iamthewitch: LOL! no problem. i can get more. haha. i can get u free dinner too if u want leh! I added u in my blogroll since the 1st time i visited ur blog. :) hehe! :D

  10. U look so different Ooo.. especially ur hair.. heheh...

  11. your performance? look cool! then what song u sang that night? =D

  12. @jam: eternal flame. :)

    @Frenda: lol. different in a way "Weirdo" rite aunt??? hee

    @Kenzo: hahahaha! whr got cool. Eternal flame.

  13. Carol> Yup... hehehe.. don't be sad lorr.. I didn't mean that way larr... It's just that I'm not used to see u like that..
    U look different in a way of styles..

  14. @Frenda: haha! still in the process of use to it. haha every morning wil still get shocked. lol