The FIRST person who got this correct will have a chance to celebrate my 21st birthday this coming December!

No worry about your location as I am the one who will go to your place, for example if you are staying at Sarawak or west Malaysia, I will go there for you. 


Sorry, it is only applicable for who staying within Malaysia.

How to win this?
Very easy and simple!
You just need to answer ONE question correctly.

" I have changed one thing for this blog, what is that? "


Sorry guys I am just joking.
And I know there's none of you bother about it.
Some more its still soooo long till December. haha.
I just want to know if you guys realized what's the different with this page.

I have changed my blog's url.
No longer http://caroline-kathleen.blogspot.com ...
The new url --> http://carolinemayling.garfield.in

I am not simply change it.
I am a big fans of Garfield. I mean the fat chubby lazy cat!
I got a lot garfield plushies in my own room to accompany me to sleep at night. 
And of course other stuffs as keychain, photo frames, t-shirt, etc.

I was a bit upset just now as I lose all the comments inside my page just now after I changed the domain.
I am so glad and very thankful to Mr Garfield for fix it up for me.
Thanks to him too for offering me this sub-domain.
My daddy don't allow me to get my own domain when he found out I want to link my debit card with Paypal.
We all know that we've to pay for own domain name.
Anyway, I know soon I will get it too. :)

I am happy with this new url. :)


  1. Blog url... laaa... change pulak... =.=

  2. I have known this answer since this afternoon. :D

  3. Ouh...so you love garfield a lot? :p

  4. ur bd in december eh? me too! high five girl!

  5. eh.. u wanna migrate to own domain better do it now before your PR go sky high then u migrate.. mampoi ur PR hilang babe!

  6. oh yeah i forgot to ask about that last night.. actually i want to ask why there is garfield in your url.. i noticed that when i am about to place your link in my FC haha thats nice

  7. hey when is your birthday? mine is december 27 haha 2 days after christmas and 3 days before new year yikes

  8. have a great day and happy blogging

  9. oh and looking forward in your new domain...

  10. aaahh... cham.. reading this reminds me of Mr Garfield too.. i changed my template and it was done by him.. never thank him properly yet..

  11. @cleffairy: lol u tot its real? or maybe is shud make it real for u. :p

  12. @Tekkaus: not the 1st one owh. :) hehe yea sure u know, i tweeted bout it. haha yes! i love garfield so much! can i get d real one??? hahaha

  13. @Merryn: yea la, haha same bday as foong summore. 1st dec. lol *high 5* can celebrate together next time if u wan. :p

  14. @reanaclaire: hehe dont worry he's always thr , can thank him de. :)

  15. @bluedreamer27: haha i changed it. :) wow u same bday as my mom! she's 27th too. my bro Edmund on the 26th. haha. am 1st. my sis flo on the 16th. lots in december! yippy! :D Come to msia and we celebrate together! :D

  16. Welcome to the new domain, says Garfield! LOL!

  17. wow you mean almost all of you will celebrate their birthdays this coming December sounds fun

  18. So I had added your new link to my blogroll! Care to add mine too? Thanks.

  19. @iamthewitch: haha yay! love garfield! :D

  20. @jam: lol actually i added urs into my blogroll since the 1st time u added me in fb and i go visit ur blog. :) thxn for adding mine! :D

  21. @bluedreamer27: yup! dats y non stop celebration on december! haha wanna join us?