Foongpc the Panda!

Hello everybody!

First of all, PLEASE READ these entries Click me,baby! ,  Click me,darling! and Click me,sweetheart!
This is because if you never read about those before, you might can't understand what I am writing about now.
Second thing is, I want everybody to know that I am writing this post is NOT because of I am obsessed with that panda kay! 

Just so you know, he BLAMED me for so-whatever-thing for several time since the day I know him.
Do you agree with me that he is abnormal?!
For me, he is INSANE!

Let me show you something:

foongpc@carolinemayling now i blame u cos u didn't advise me to sleep early! LOL!
foongpc@carolinemayling nolah, im not drunken, but in any case, still blame u! Hahaha!!
foongpc@carolinemayling i dun care. blame u, blame u, blame u, LOL!!!

why u spread ur sleepiness to me? I blame u!! LOL!

foongpc@carolinemayling blaming u 4 d traffic jam! Lol!

foongpc@carolinemayling blame u 4 restricting my nap 2 juz 5 mins! Hahaha!

Frankly. I never been blamed for this much by someone that I just know not for long. 
Well, congratulation to him that he broke the record. 

Last night, we tweeted halfway and then turn to facebook there continue chatting.
Lol! I guess Saucer saw our tweets and he tweeted and asked if he can tag along. LOL!

Actually, chatting with this panda is fun, but just that he always trying to get on my nerves!

He keep asking me what's the pressie for the winners - Uncle TekkausMerryn and Bananaz - that I am going to give.
And guess what?! 
He asked for pressie too! For bringing traffic to my blog. 
(Erm.. uncle tekkaus and merryn, I want to ask both you eh, guess most of them is from both you, right????? heeee)
Kay doesn't matter about it..

Oh! I showed him this one - Her Stories by Merryn - and he is JEALOUS
haha I forgot to print screen when he typed this - im jeles
Another one, I showed him what I wrote about Uncle Tekkaus!
He then said Uncle Tekkaus sure happy because I praised him a lot. <-- He's is jealous again. :p

Result of last night's chatting session with panda:

I know that he is kind of narcissistic person! :p

now 21st century no more ladies 1st!
 see this panda not gentleman at all!

Though I said I am going to blog about my revenge towards him, but forget about it.
I am very kind one kay. :p (no, I am very mean one)
Well, he ever told me last time when we chat that he was born on 1st December too, I thought he bluffed me. 
After read almost all his blog post, and found out "Oh! his birthday on 1st December too. LOL~"
I read his blog and found out quite a lot same common interest, well guess that is because both us are Sagittarius. :]
Maybe we can celebrate our birthday together next time! Lol. 
(Guess I have to think TWICE, we only chat and he can blame me so many times, can't imagine if meeting face-to-face and start blaming! ROFL!)

After all...
I am still following and reading his blog. 
His blog is fun and for those who always wanting to get prizes, go his blog, lots contest a there!
His blog also full with foodies, so prepare yourself before start reading it, don't let yourself starving. 
Lastly, well I guess this is the only reason why I cannot finish reading his blog, it is because he blogged about GHOST STORY! I skipped it when reading his blog. I know if I read it, I am 100% sure that I can't get my sleep at night. 

Alright this is for foongpc!

熊猫:哪有!你不信的话,我可以发誓! 如果我骗你,我绝子绝孙!
大熊:你都快要绝种了还敢发这种誓? 好啦~我相信你就是啦!

[p/s:This is the 4th post about you, right?]





  1. Aiyo! Why reveal all our conversations? Where to hide my panda face now? Hahaha!I'm going to blame you for this embarrassment!

  2. chey!!!!!!!!!!!! foong sudah dapat the FC!

  3. Huh? You didn't read my ghost stories? Faster! Faster! Go read them! Guarantee will have sleepless nights, hehe.

  4. Thanks for mentioning me and dedicating one full post (and a few other posts) to me! Why are you so obsessed with me? LOL!!

  5. @Merryn: oops.. not u owh. :( alaa cant put ethan's pic here.

  6. @foongpc: LOL! yea u're d FC again. HOI! see now u d one proven urself as BLAMER! haha got prove dy! u blame me here! :P no way! i read 1 post and i really cant sleep till i go join my parents sleep. *paiseh*

  7. Bananaz and I won a lot lately leh.. we both won something else from another blog too.. hahaha..

  8. winners? i won ? what? did i miss any post? huh? lol..

  9. @Merryn: so gud.. nice lorh. i never won anything so far. :( btw, pm me ur mailing address in fb kay. :)

  10. hmmm actually i am wondering who's behind that Panda face... or maybe FoongPC is nothing but a real panda who knows how to surf and use the Internet LOL

  11. Just like you, i was also freaked out by Foongpc's Ghost story.... I told him to tell me first when will he be posting a ghost story so i could bring someone to read with me or i could be a rosary or a bible haha

  12. @bluedreamer27: haha perhaps! i read almost his whole blog posts dy, only left those ghost stories. :P tekkaus's blog done! :D

  13. Wahah, that's quite an achievement to read all panda's blog posts as they are mostly very long and there are so many of them. Later you become lady panda liao wahahaha

  14. @Irenelim: CHOI! CHOI! CHOI! Lady panda <-- dnt suit me! hahaha! im done with uncle tekkaus's blog dy aye! :P

  15. now i know foongpc more deeply.

    he is funny and insane guy wakakaka.

    but he is cool man too.

  16. @CH Voon: ahaha! no not yet, u still dunno his dark evil side yet, n i haven't write about it. haha. he is cool aye? lol oh finally someone agree with me that he's insane! :P

  17. =.= I think kan... I am not sweet and crazy enough for ppl to write about me. LMAO.

  18. @cleffairy: bet u wrong! haha! thr will be one post about u soon i think! hehe. thnx for the ebooks. am still reading it. :)

  19. Pretty lady panda? Haha...

    By the way, did you get any email regarding the orders you placed on No emails at all? Anyway, we have sent you some questions regarding those orders, if you didn't receive any emails at all, please login to your account at to check. Thank you. :)

  20. @Irenelim: OMG! Pretty lady panda?! u kidding me? later u wan a panda model ur apparel still? wahahahahaha! yup i rcvd it dy. :) thnx.

  21. Oh? I was born December I'm one day younger than you! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  22. Aaayyeee! Saw Bananaz being peeled here. Yo [Merryn] we won quite a number this April FoOl full of pressie yeah. Wow! The Panda & Caroline seems to be like old long lost friends from tweets to FB to blog semua pao kaliao. haha. tQ

  23. Wow...I don't think you can deny that you are obsessed with Foong anymore. Haha :D 4 posts are a lot to show how obsessed you are with him. :p

  24. @Foong, come on lar don't have to be jealous of me and Merryn. We only got one post each from May. You have 4~ler. ;p

  25. I believe both of you are really meant for each other. :p because your BD are the same.

    Besides....both of you are chatting sooooo much. Can't both of you see what is happening? :p

  26. Lol, i always saw Foong's tweets whenever i log to twitter too, he seems to have opinions and questions for everyone :D

  27. @suituapui: ba how bout we look at the "year"?? :P

    @Bananaz: ROFL! dunno him at all de. haha

    @Christopher: UNCLE TEKKAUS! how cud u?! hmph! whr got chat sooo much! only once in a while ba!

    @InsaneOnion: yea right! especially complaints! haha or about wat to eat.

  28. Why suddenly reveal my real name? LOL :D

  29. @Tekkaus: Eihhh??!! yea hor?! omg! wats on my mind d time i replying this ah?? gosh! sowiee! dnt mad yea. :))

  30. I am not mad. Don't worry May. :D

  31. Notty panda bear for blaming u abt everything, sleep deprivation osoah? hahahah... enjoy ur Wed guys! :)