Monday Blues? Nope!

Monday Blues?

I am supposed to love Monday very much.
Yet, one of my colleague being so kind to help me changed my blog's template while I am busy doing my work at another room.
People, I don't mind you go to my seat and use my stuff for a while or to do whatever business you want.
But, please respect my privacy!

Well, there are two computer on my desk, one is for me to do all accounting job using the software; while the another one is for me to do what I want and of course mainly for me to online. Heee.. :3
I purposely downloaded two different browser - Chrome and Firefox.

I've told you many time that I'll be using the Chrome and if you want to use, please use the Firefox.
I just do not know why the heck you go open the Chrome and you can see those pages still opening.
Whats wrong with you? You're not familiar with those thing and yet you go simply change it?!

I am getting so headache keep facing the computer screen and working with those figures, and even more tense when I get unbalanced amount at the end!
When I get back to my seat, and that time actually was our tea break time, I was so mad when look at my blog's template become such a mess!
Yet you still can give me a smile and saying sorry for accidentally changed it?!
I know you are so damn free since few days ago but can you please consider my situation?!
You simply took my stuff and my foods without asking me, I didn't even say a word, doesn't mean you can do as you want kay?!

You are lucky because you are not dealing with the last time me.
If not, I can't imagine how you gonna be.
I am so damn headache and do not want to waste my time to argue with you as I know my work is more important than you! You are not the one who pay my salary.

Anyway, I learnt my lesson.
Maybe I shouldn't ask help from Ms Chang and now causing you are not allowed to simply use the computer on my desk. But sorry again, I can't just let you do as you wish, and causing more trouble on me.
The first time you messed up those accounts and caused me had a very bad time just to get it all done AGAIN, I still didn't even say a word.

I wonder if I become too soft-hearted already?
The last time me is totally different with the present me!
Maybe that's why people can bully me easily!

I've spent dunno how many hours just to get my desired blog template, and thanks to Merryn actually.
I finally get back my own one, I mean the one I've been using all this while. :)
Am happy!

After all, I am still loving my Monday! =)





  1. I kinda get Monday Blues today too. :( So no mood! Sien fuck!

  2. Aiya! Left my laptop for a while and I missed FC!!! Damn!

  3. Good thing u finally got the template sorted out - big headache if I face such a situation! No time for such nonsense!!

  4. @cleffairy: lol .. my case bit ok. hehe. dont be la. :) stay happy. :D

  5. @foongpc: LOL! just now asked merryn go sleep early, manatau u oso no chopped. :p

    well, yea. very sien cz need to edit all the html codes. :<

  6. Well....better still just don't let them to touch your personal computer. LOL :D

  7. You have become soft already? Perhaps just a little? :p You have mellowed.

  8. Oooo!!! Monday, already so grumpy! Well, you're lucky... No colleagues taking your things, stealing your money, handphone. I had more than one - TEACHERS, believe it or not!!!

  9. caroline, sometimes mine also same situation, when i came back from my makan, my IE and Mozilla also hilang.. dont know which itchy hands went to off everything! why like that ah? next time must put password..

  10. @Tekkaus: hmm yea la. dey sometimes tk my phone n check all the texts n pictures inside. =.= sien.. not just a little! lol

  11. @reanaclaire: very sien right ppl do like dat? yea shud put pwd! haha

  12. @suituapui: harr?! got till dat worst? gosh now i feel lucky. :p

  13. let's cheers for Friday again!

  14. what is monday blues?? all i know is about monday sickness in which i always have LOL

  15. wow good thing you are allow to access personal sites in your office, in the previous office that i am working with, they don't allow us to access even our mail,,, yikes so rude haha

  16. i have 4 browsers in my pc, no wonder why my computer loads sooooooooooooooo slooooooooow.... any way i have IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera haha.. but i use firefox the most

  17. you know i always give the same reason in my former colleague who keeps on minding my my work... i hate some one commanding me as if he is my boss... in short, i hate bossy people hehe... i want those who are down to earth and those who are not using their superiority in the job

  18. don't worry for me it's not all about the template, but it's a plus... it's all about the content and you are superb with that... Cheers

  19. @bluedreamer27: lol not a happy monday. haha i prefer much chrome. i only got ie, chrome n firefox in my own computer. never use ie. lol. :)

  20. how she messed up the account?
    credit and debit all put at debit side,
    then traveling expenses put in stationery?

  21. Thank goodness your content tak hilang leh.. if not.. i have nothing else to say to comfort u dy... :(

    but am glad everything's back to normal :D

  22. errr, first of all.. i only love Monday if it is a holiday.. hahaha!!

  23. is there only one PC in your office that can go online?? why the hell your colleague need to use your PC??

  24. hmmm, next time while you are away from your desk, always keep the habit to lock your computer.. for security and privacy.. :)

  25. Aiyak, now only I have time to read this after whole morning out! Too bad already not Monday (actually I'm happy Monday's over) so no Monday blues!! :)

  26. @Merryn: hehe yea lor.. thank god. eh can ah, u let me play with ethan for a day! :p

  27. @Garfield: lol, 1st one right. not the second one. lol. n even d dates. sienz.

  28. @iamthewitch: lol! i know u dont really like monday. haha saw ur tweets worr. lol

  29. @[SK]: lol! u tell me who dont?! hahaha!

    her desk's pc not connected to ineternet one cz her pc system got the importatnt software for jotun paint. all the pricing system at there. she dont dare go to other's colleagues online then find me lor. :S

    yea will do. thnx yea! =)