*Clever* me! heee!

 I am not happy yesterday, and today I feel very happy! J
First of all, I am very sorry to blog in Chinese, causing some of you could not understand about what I wrote about. 
Well actually there is no big deal, just want to vent about my feelings of unhappiness. 
Well, do not want to talk about yesterday. 

Today am feeling so happy, because it is a holiday and also one of the Christian’s big day which is Good Friday! 
Up early in the morning, I am ready to go to church, perhaps a lot of people will feel boring when go to church, but for me, if I did not go to church, I would feel very wrong, there will be a kind of nostalgic feeling. 
Well maybe didn’t go for once, it’s okay but if for more than once, no!
But don't misunderstand me being so holy kay!
This morning, daddy and brothers went to the cemetery cleaning grandpa’s graves. Uncles and aunties were with them too. 
I cannot join them in doing this, more or less I am sure feeling bad too, as I used to join them. Though I’ve become a Christian, I will still go to temple to pray and pay respect to late grandpa. 

Initially, supposed going out meeting my bestie after church. 
We planned to watch movies and shopping for dress, but I cancelled our date.
 It is due to my work load still waiting for me to be done and the clouds telling me it’s going to rain soon. 
My bestie too having tons of assignments need to be done.
 We then both agree and reset our date to this Sunday! Hehe…

Yesterday was “fooled” by colleagues quite badly, and I simply cannot concentrate on work.
 It getting worse when suddenly assigned lot tasks to do, the pressure is like hell! 
I am actually get mad when I do it halfway and found out a lot of mistakes, do not know how come she so clever to grab my work in the first place and return it to me when she cannot do it. Thanks to her for causing me being such busy person!
 I have to get and refer back the statements of LAST MONTH, and gotta find out all the difference figures!
 She thought it is very simple aye! Though she offered to give a hand yet she caused more trouble to me and mess all the statements!
 Urgh~ I am so speechless that time.

The boss also keeps urging us for company’s account statements.
 He thought that we are robots?! 
Ms Chang and I feeling so dead headache and the worst part is when answering those phone calls from customers.
 They also urged for their account statements, as if they going to pay it immediately.

In the afternoon, I am so mad for the sudden blackout!
Other employees feel darn happy, only Ms Chang and I looked at each other and sighed, because we are not able to do our job without the computer on! 
She suddenly said to me: "Let’s eat! We cannot do anything rather than just waiting!” 
I am quite surprised, but then I agree! Nothing that we can do anyway! :P

I know that I cannot complete all tasks in a day, and when I see my desk covered with all stake of documents and statements, I am simply cannot get it all done  before Monday.
 Knowing that the next day which is today is a holiday, I then decided to bring some of the work home. 
And yes I took most of my daytime to do it, finally finished! 
I am feeling so darn happy for that!

See how clever am I in planning my time and things to do!
This Sunday I can enjoy without worrying about work. :)

Everyday working with this software. =.=

Can you imagine how I spend each day looking at those numbers? 
Eyes rolled. 

I watched movie just now, in fact, it is the second time for me, but I am still enjoy watching it! Alice In Wonderland!

This Sunday…
à MUST watch this movie – Clash of the Titans! Brother said this movie super-nice! Great thing is this movie is available in 3D which is the very first time in KK! I am feeling so excited!
àMUST get a haircut! Monday going to color hair! :D
àMUST shop for dress for INTI’s Night! XD

And next Wednesday will go to meet Mdm Susie! Can’t wait for it! :D 

Oh! A few days ago, I chatted with one of the lecturer, Mr Daniel Ong in facebook and I am actually quite pleasantly surprised with it! 
I never talked with him during my college time, as he is not teaching hospitality class, that’s why I am feeling like *wow* when he chat me in facebook. LOL! 
I am feeling pretty good when chatting with him! He told me about his experiences and yes I got to know that he worked as general manager before he start teaching in INTI. 

OMG! He can really joke, incredible! 
Now I'm really quite looking forward to INTI Night, because he said he is going to sing two songs on that night!

 I enjoyed chatting with him and here the last words from him before we ended our chat session.
He said to me: "Although I have not taught you last time, but you are still ex-INTI student, so whenever you have difficulties or setbacks, whether in life or work, just let me know and I will try to help you.
Oh I am so touched! 
Thank you, sir!

- Random shot of the day -
This is my lil baby sis - Haylie Ng May Ying
Simply take this shot when helping to bathe her. :P

another shot of lil cutie! 
Spent my day with her was fun! =D





  1. @foongpc:lol after like so long dint appear at here and suddenly become FC worr.. haha

  2. Oh! You must go to church! I am a new age Christian - I don't go church every week! : )

  3. So busy? Then the blackout is a good break for you! Haha! But bringing work home is no good! But then again, you get to have Sunday free not bad! : )

  4. Clash Of The Titans - I want to watch that too! But now I want to go watch that cute dragon in How To Train A Dragon : )

  5. Yerr...I am not the first one anymore. :p

  6. Seems like you are in a bubbly mode today May. :D

    war...so many accounting to do. I am never good in those numbers.

  7. Your little sister is cute. :D

  8. LOL... no chance for me become first here. LOL...

  9. @fooongpc:lol! not must lar, i sometimes if woke up late then dint go oso,unless go for saturday sunset mass. :) hehe this Sunday going to watch that two movies lor, MOVIE MARATHON! nah! that because the boss wants the statement by monday, if i dnt bring it home,i dnt think i able to complete it and do record by monday. thats y. friday off, n sunday off, how to finish it up leh? hehe

  10. @cleffairy: haha u ever been once ma. not bad lor. :D

  11. @Tekkaus: hehe nevermind uncle! hope tonight u can be! hint u, the post will be about that *evil* panda! haha! wei dnt say me bubbly ba! :P well me too! hate numbers, i scored well just for the sake of making my result look nice only n compete with my bro. haha yea i know she's cute! hehe. :D

  12. Going to church is one thing, prayer and worship is one thing! Yesterday, Good Friday worship - two kids in front of me, teens...and they were listening to MP3 on their handphones...and even played their hp cameras. I was so upset to see such disrespect - in the end, no mood...could not concentrate on the service. Should have stayed at home, like that!

  13. @suituapui: whoa how come? i always switch off my phone before entering the hall. :) no point if go church but not concentrate during mass session. :) we only spend 2 hours inside it anyway.

  14. Caroline its ok got the translation to English and thankz for your help, learn something new though. Sometimes it would be easier for you to express better in the lingo you feel comfortable as words would flow with ease. Glad you have gotten over your blues. Have a great weekend. tQ

  15. @Bananaz: hehe okie. no problem. :)u too have a great weekend! ;)

  16. UBS... hahaha... no wonder u have so much work... :)

  17. Wah so many figures! I'm already dizzy looking at those! LOL Girl, interested to get a free dress? Check out my blog ya :)

  18. I dont go church.. I dont go to temple.. I go to ... 1Utama only.. lol.. my bad! :P

    i watch it on Wednesday and it was full House "i think"
    but i still think that How to train your dragon better than it :P

  20. @cik EPAL: Thnx. :)

    @iamthewitch:haha i go thru my daily life like dat de lor.. everyday figures.. haha. i just wanna pplace order, but goin to join ur project! haha get free one! :p

    @Merryn:lol 1utama pula! free thinker aye?

    @DarknessMatter: am going to watch both tmr with vic ! :)

  21. oh great, it's a ledal holiday here woo avtually we have one week holiday here in Philippines in commemoration with the Holy Week... oh it's been a while since i visited my Granpa's tomb... i think this gives me an idea what to so next week. I will encourage my mom to go with me in the cemetery and cleam our grampa's tomb.,..

  22. me too, just like Foong, i seldom go to church....
    oh what's your job? Accountant?
    it must be hard dealing with those numbers everyday right?

  23. so excited to watch the remake of Clash of the Titans, I have watched the old movie of this film so i'm wondering how much it will change knowing that we have 3d technology already..
    have a great day Carolin and happy blogging!

  24. @bluedreamer27: hey soo nice?! a week holiday?! hehe do it next week then. :)lol am not accountant yet, dnt expect me to be an accountant as am graduated in diploma in tourism management,i got diz job as there are 3 modules accounting subjects in my course. :) well stress everyday! haha. but sometimes enjoy doing it. :)haha cant wait for tomorrow aye! thnx too! :)

  25. This is life and its like a yoyo so its only natural to change and accept change as well.

  26. You have awards for the last commenter or not? Haha... oh, I want to watch Clash of the Titans too!... but no time ler... :(

  27. @CheaHS@n: yea true. :)

    @Irenelim: hahaha! dnt have aye! how? lol going to watch it tmr! :P