I am so PROUD of you.

Finally, my brother had completed his studies in Labuan Matriculation College.
You now its hard to enter that college if your status is not Bumiputera.
There are many Chinese wanted to enter this college for their excellent result yet get disappointed with the reply from the college.

A little bit introduction about my brother.
Just so you know that Delvin and Edmundnuel are both SAME AGE
They are not twins, it just that they were born in the SAME YEAR
Still don't get it?
Delvin was born on 9th February 1991 and Edmundnuel was born on 26th December 1991.
Many people thought that they are twins. Lol!

I have to say that Delvin is the smartest amongst siblings.
None of us can beat him in every subjects, expecially Mathematics subject.
Since primary school, his score for Math subject is 98% - 100%.
He NEVER score below 98%.
He joined sooooo many competition that involved in Math! And went to so many great places for all the competitions!
And I dislike Mathematic so much!
He always scored damn well in exam, he even managed to be one of the Top Three student in secondary school. :)

Do you guys know?
He never complaint even a bit about stress.
He got the passion in study, I do have it but its maybe I can't handle my stress well.
When he's free at home, you can always see him holding a reference book and reading it.
You know, there's one time I saw him holding dictionary and I thought he's looking for some words.
I asked him and he told me he is studying those words in dictionary

23501_101955163180378_1000009768438.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Delvin with his roommates.
I know all of them! haha! 
That's because am the one helped Delvin that time while parents busy with seminar at the hall.
Hey I may look childish in the way I act and talk, but I am quite a responsible person especially towards my family members. 
I helped him to clean his place and arrange all his stuffs.

Well, Labuan is so near to Kota Kinabalu.
He used to come back home on every weekends for the first couple months.
However, after sometimes he told us that its tiring for him and he is busy with his schedule since he has been appointed to be the mentor for his course-mates.
Parents then agreed with him and trying to understand his situation. 
Since then, he only come back home on holidays.

He is not just mentoring his course-mates but also his roommates.
They are all in different faculty.
His roommates are weak in Math subject and Delvin spent some times to teach them and happy that they managed to get excellent result for that subject!
Delvin also became the Head Students for his faculty in the second term of his studies. 
I am just so proud of you, bro!

And now...
He is waiting for his result before entering uni life.
And of course we all hope that he can score well for this final one!
He scored 4 flat for the first and second term final exam and well we know its not easy to get that excellent marks. :)

Well well, I am feeling so sick at here...
Came here and feel so terrible, you know how's the feeling of being in a rainy and cold environment and suddenly switch to a damn hot weather place? 
Some of you, nope, just three of you know where am I now. :)
Not enjoy as I am just so sick now. :(
Last night slept so early due to this kind of weather. 





  1. congrats to ur brother for becoming a fresh grads

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  5. @Tekkaus: lol! uncle and wifey can try it! :p yea thnx uncle. :)

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  10. @molly: lol no. not cz of dat. am d 2nd child wat, n diz bro is d 3rd 1. haha how to support, he oso goin for bacehor leih.. :)

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