*Night Out*

There's no update in my blog last night.
And I didn't manage to read all your updates as I used to do every night. :)
This time it is not because I slept early or fell asleep while blogging. Lol.
It is because I went out with my dearest friends who used to be my dearest seniors in college last time!

27856_1394343050966_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol


27856_1394342890962_1003879649_1198.gif picture by Kawaiirol\

The time I get in her car when she fetch me, first sentence come out from her - "Carol, you look like Orang Putih Sesat oh!"
Okay, wat the! LOL!
I have to say I am kind of used to it as colleagues and customers who came into office saying the same thing to me. haha! 

27856_1394342930963_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

This is my cutest senior of all. haha! I enjoyed lots during college time with her. 
She said I suddenly become too fair already after I dyed my hair.
Well, I have to say I am not too fair but look pale. lol.

This so-called gathering was planned by them.
Vky fetched all of us and we are supposed to go meet Ms Jenifer, our former Financial Control subject in college. 
Lotsa fun in the car I can say. Haha! =D

There's a lil change in our plan due to certain unexpected factors.
We ended up go to Colossus Cafe and Bar to meet up with Ms Susie.
Yes I know I went there for quite lots time already, but all my seniors haven't been there yet. :)

When we reached there, the waiter and waitress at there recognized me already. LOL!
We start chit chat and cam-whoring. 

26415_1394854703757_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

~ The Cola & Orange Juice ~

26415_1394854903762_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

~ Colossus Fried Rice ~

26415_1394769461626_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

This is my supper. :)

27856_1394342690957_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Lovely Vky while waiting for her food. :)


27856_1394342850961_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

27856_1394342650956_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

It has been so long since our last met together. :)
Of course there's a lot for us to talk about.
We're not gossiping okay.
Oh maybe a lil bit. :p
Mich said that I always tweet about pervert.
I then say her always tweet about sissy
Lol. Both us working in the same field. She too saying that we online more than we working. Haha!
Cant blame us okay. The company only need us badly when it comes to end of the month.
Just to prepare and balance up all the accounts.

We did lots picture taking on that night. :)

26415_1394839463376_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Myself with Mich.

27856_1394342730958_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Kit (Thien Kit Ling) with Vky. 

night out

night out

Seems like lots of our pictures together aye! :)

27856_1394343330973_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Kit, myself and Vky.

27856_1394343170969_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

27856_1394358331348_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Okay... our picture together is really a lot. haha!

27856_1394358451351_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Myself with Vky.

27856_1394358371349_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Mich and Kit.

27856_1394358411350_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Oh! Again, the picture of myself with Vky.

26415_1394839343373_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Ms Susie and I.

27856_1394358571354_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

She's MINE! haha.. kidding! :p

27856_1394358491352_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Ms Susie and Mich. 

27856_1394358531353_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Ms Susie and Kit.

26415_1394854783759_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

26415_1394854743758_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

We spotted this one on Vky's!
I have to admit I am not brave for tattoo thingy. Lol.

26415_1394854943763_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

After we finished with our supper, Ms Susie asked us to sing a song.
So... we then go up stage and thinking of what song we can sing.

26415_1394839263371_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Wondering what she's doing there?
Not studying of course but flipping the Songs book. :p

26415_1394839383374_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

26415_1394839423375_1003879649_1200.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

Well, I have to say thanks so much to them for this gathering and I really had a great time with them.
I hope Christy will be joining us for the next gathering!

27856_1394358611355_1003879649_1198.jpg picture by Kawaiirol

- Random shot of that night -

[P/S: Vky, do confirm us the time for the Ladies Nite! Gotta celebrate for Kit Ling that time! :p ]





  1. The pictures tell it all.. wonderful time catching up with friends... i love that too but it only happens once a year and that is CNY where we ex schoolmates will have a reunion.. catching up once a year, how about that! lol...

  2. All girls? No guys? Eeee...got karaoke kah? I like!!! Dunno this place. Must take note of the name - next time go KK, can go there and sing.

  3. CHOP!!! I'm FC again, right? Hehehehe!

  4. @reanaclaire: hehe yup yup! really fun! :D Well, for me doesnt matter if once a year or how many times, as long as we can meet up with each otehr and enjoy the time together after so long. :D

  5. @suituapui: lol! sure la. 2 single ladies thr, and 2 attached and 1 married at thr. hahaha!

    not karaoke la, its open mic, more to acoustic one. U can sing! haha! just tell them can ord.

    whoops! u're not the FC this tme. haha

  6. Aww....it has been awhile since I last caught up with my hommies. :D This is a priceless moment right? :D

  7. This is indeed a good night out for you May. :D

  8. @Tekkaus: yes uncle! I had a great time with them! :D

  9. Nothing beats a great night out with girlfriends! N u wat.. reach home around 3am? lol.. i was already in dreamland then.. haha..

  10. It's been quite a while i tak dapat FC nih... hmmm... :P

  11. @Merryn: yea! so much fun! wei wei i whr got get home at 3am! lol. i slept around that time la. haha.

    haha yea horr.. :p

  12. wow, that a cool night out party Caroline..

  13. so sad, i never had a chance to have a night out party with my friends in my entire life ... poor me...

    It is because all my friends are all drinkers... and i am not.. so i feel out of place whenever i'm with them haha

  14. have a great day Caroline.. happy blogging

    so lucky to have many friends!!

  15. @bluedreamer27: hehe thnx! :D It is cool! :D

    Nevermind, next time when u come here, we all can have a night party! haha! lol we're not drinker. :)

  16. heehehhehe...ya..its been ages since we met each other..last nite was so fun even tho someone keep want to go back early..hahahahahaha....

  17. @Victoria J. Ongkili: alamak! wakakaka! no worry d next one will be no prob! till 5am oso ok dy! no more scandal dy. habis last night. :p

  18. Girls nite out and had fun for sure as can tell from all the pictures. Next time I want to go to that place as well. Too bad I am only transit in KK last week and don't have the chance to stay a night in KK.

  19. Wah so nice! It's been a while since my last girls' night out.. about 3 months ago, for my hen night :) Nice outing eh! You go girl!

  20. btw.. ur friend vky.. can pose really cute leh.. :D

  21. @Superman: haha yeap! nevermind sure u can someday! :D

  22. @Merryn: haha yeap yea! she always do! :P ask Ethan challenge her. hahaha

  23. @iamthewitch: haha yea n our next girls out will be on upcoming few weeks i guess. haha

  24. Eee what happened to "Uncle Kracker"? No more song embedded nowadays? Each time when I hear the song on air would think of the that very moment when I tried to pause the player in your blog but it still goes on and on haha. Having real fun huh! Its great. tQ

  25. @Bananaz: hahaha! no longer at here. removed it. finding suitable song to put at here. haha! :p yea REAL FUN! :D

  26. I LOVE your blog background.... too cute!

  27. the only time when i camwhore with my good friends is when there is at least A GIRL in our group...and we are more likely to punch each other than to hug and take pictures..hmm....

  28. @Eric Lee: okay that all wll be the last time me. haha. but now getting old dy, wahaha, (as if am so old) , we dont pose that way dy. :p oh btw, we dont need A GUY to be in our group. haha :D