Shopping Experience on Irenelim[dot]com - 1

Irene left her footprints on my blog for the first time in this post - Uniqueness of Sabahan People.
After that, I got to know that she's also on Jomshout and we actually chatted at there. ;)

I found out her website and it is actually online shopping centre. haha!
Well, which girl and ladies don't like shopping?
She then said she's going to give me Gift Certificate, and told me about their affiliate program.
So, I signed up as one of the partner. :)
I checked my email and happy to receive the gift certificate worth RM20. =D

Well, I am supposed to place my order earlier but didn't managed to do so due to work load at that time. 
Some more, I am skinny so I need to go through each apparels thoroughly. 
Just so you know, all the apparels in the website just tooooooo nice, hard to choose aye!

That time, Witch told me about this one - Project Witch.
You all know about it, I mean most of the ladies. :)
I joined that particular project as well.

At the end of my decision, I used the gift certificate to buy a dress and get a FREE dress from the project.
This means I got TWO dress to show off. hahaha! 
Okay okay, am not showing off because am not really looking good in it. :p

So, this is my first dress...

Ultra Soft Tiers Dinner Dress

Okay I know am look terrible. 
Do not blame me kay.
 I took all this shot yesterday when hanging out at colleague's house after work.

So, where's the second dress??
I received it already and took some pictures with it, but only will blog about it in my next post.
Stay tuned. Haha!


Malaysia Online Boutique



  1. Oh, you look gorgeous and fabulous! You are a blond!

  2. Cantik!!!!!!! Now.. for that pink dress.. cepat cepat! :P

  3. AIyo not fair! I wanted to be first!! :(

  4. OK lar.. young can wear anything one.. dont wait till u reach my age, then susah sikit.. :p

  5. Witch, since you can't be the first, you can be the last... but wait, now I took the last spot too!

  6. Nice fit! So can be model for irenelim now? Haha

  7. Eh... can fit... very nice... =D This one same one like Claire's dotter wan, rite? Diff colour nia...

  8. Yeah! All girls love to shop...till they drop. :D Some just like to window-shop. :D

  9. Ouh...they have an affiliate program? Perhaps I should join too ler. :D

  10. All the apparels too nice? Go and buy all mah May. :D

  11. I thought the clothes you put on are great ler. Perhaps because you have that model look and figure? :D

  12. and....the next America's top model is born... i better call Tyra Banks to inform about this hehe

  13. the white dress fits you well.. nice!

  14. oh and congratulations for winning that GC...

  15. have a great day caroline..happy blogging

  16. @Irenelim: FC! :D Thnx for d nice compliment yea, :) i am blonde (at the moment) haha

    @Merryn: relax relax.. haha

    @iamthewitch: lol next post k. :)

    @foongpc: lol not so gud in modelling. :/

    @cleffairy: haha yea, dats y i said same dress. :) nasib fit. :)

  17. Nice slim, use any dress also nice. This one is very nice, very formal and classy and suits you well though I would prefer different straps though - not skin colour, look like your bra straps...but then again, me apek - old fashioned. You young people know what's fashioanble and what's best.

  18. @ Carol Yealorr... nasib fit... u were complaining over twitter, takut kenot fit. LOL.. Nice la...can fit. The material stretchable one, issit? Or wud? Mine one tarak stretch... have to use sash to make it fit... hmmm...

  19. @Tekkaus: hehe uncle shud join the prgram! can earn money too. :p ROFL! thnx but i guess lucky it fit on me only la, not bcz of dat. haha

    @bluedreamer27: hehe thnx. :) ROFL! its toooooo far away from modelling okay. haha!

    @suituapui: lol! since when u say me "slim", not too skinny meh??! haha! nice dress right? not the person. lol! tell me whr i can get fancy n nice strap if im at colleague's home and d hubby id thr summore. if at my home sure will put on fancy n nicer one la. haha. btw, just so u noe young ppl loves last time fashion one de lor. :)

    @cleffairy:hahaha! yea NASIB fit! if not, die! haha! yup stretchable one, urs not meh? lol! alter it n make it bodyfit ur body. sure cantik one! :D