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Innocent, so WTF?!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
I don't mind if you guys choose to skip to read this post.

Don't ever judge me people.
Okay its not about judging issue now but I am telling you guys I am MAD!

You know I didn't even bother about it yesterday and why the heck you start talking about bullshit to me since this early morning huh?! You are the one who lied, and not me, so is this something to do with me?

Lets make all this clear, b!tch!
You texted me with ur so dusun-ish message early in the morning yesterday 
" Gaman lau dorng ms chang tnya ckp ja ic aq hlg.. aq uda tfn bos td "
(Translation: Hey if Ms Chang and others ask why, just tell them that I lost my identity card, I've called boss just now.)
I just replied you "okie".

When I reached office and when they asked if you didn't managed to get back from hometown by Monday?
And I said no, I followed as what you've texted me and told them that you lost your ic.
When we talking about means you surely gonna have a letter from police so that you can proceed with applying the new ic.
For your info, I never experience it so I don't know about what's the process in applying the new ic.
 That is why I texted you and ask if you get the letter and you replied me with some stupid question asking me WHAT LETTER? JUST TELL THEM NO NEED LETTER ONE. So, I've told them the same thing. 
Well well.. you were caught cheating at that time as there are actually two of our colleagues experienced that same thing and they explained how's the actual process in applying the new ic.

And, I am still being dumb for worrying about you and trying to call you few times but you don't even answer it, pelease! Whats wrong with you?!
I am not that free to keep on calling you after you ignored the calls for 10 times.
And you called me in the afternoon and telling me that ACTUALLY ITS NOT TRUE, AND YOU JUST LIE ABOUT IT. 
Can you actually imagine how I feel that time?! 
I really felt like a stupid dumb girl for trying to help you but actually it's just a lie.

Then you said this to me...

Yes I am innocent! 
I did not know that you are actually defined "innocent" as "dumb".
Mirror yourself before you start talking to me.
I may have been very sweet to you all this while but today I can't stand it anymore.
Maybe I should say you got me at the wrong timing as am just being so farking busy and I don't have any idea why the heck i got second "aunt" visit this month!
So, forgive me for being mad and scolded you hardly today.
Though I feel much better after scolded you and shut your bloody mouth up, I am still feeling bad for it kay.
Sigh. I know you guys sure going to say something wrong with me.

Obviously, I am emotionally unstable right now.
So, do not ever try to mess with me when am not in the good mood, no I mean when my "aunt" visiting me.
Seriously, I am usually can control myself from getting angry so easily especially when having period, but just now was an exception.
Perhaps, I've been keeping a lot of everything within myself without letting it out.

I am feeling so tired nowadays, guess I need more rest after all.
Am not going to stay up late as I used to be.
This is because of...
 It's almost end of month, my hell days coming to me.
Ms Chang will be on leave for two days and only back on Friday. *dies*
.Invoices.Cash Bills.Payments.UBS.

In real, I don't say all those kind of rude words.
You will not or may be hardly to hear those words from my mouth.
Its weird or you may don't believe it, but it is SO TRUE. :)



25 comments on "Innocent, so WTF?!"
  1. oh i am so sorry to hear that from you

  2. axtually, the fact that you made such an honest post like this is truly amazing... it is nice that you're expressing your self here rather than keeping it inside...

  3. i wish your felling a bit better now my friend... and again, i am so glad for you in making such a very honest post like this... there's nothing wrong in expressing what you feel, we're just human and we have feelings too...

  4. Relax a bit looks like you are stressed out over work my dear with .Invoices.Cash Bills.Payments.UBS. and what not clouding over you.

  5. @bluedreamer27: yea u're d FC! :)

    Well well.. i do feeling better after blog about it. Thnx friend. :) Appreciate it very much.

  6. @Bananaz: smell fire? so do not get near with fire. lol i am cooling down now. grr! yea am getting very tense and dat blardy her just got wrong timing on me just now. lol shud i pity her? or am i bad? nah~

  7. some people is just not worth to be good to them.
    when u worry about them, they will just answer u that y u so dumb to worry for them.

    i've seen lots of example like this before.
    these kind of ppl not worth to treat them good.

  8. i never been in such situation before...I guess most people do not dare to mess with me...that's the problem with being too nice case you still feeling this

    in the article, it is clear that women with second "aunt" schouldn't be messed with...=______=

  9. @Garfield: yea. sigh. dunno wat happen to those fella. :( worry for them oso say u dumb. sigh~ better just leave it.

  10. @Eric Lee: whoaa so gud, never worr.. me dunno how many times dy. sigh.. will check it out, thnx yea, :)

  11. It takes all kinds to make the world...and some kinds, we are better off without. In the working world, we will meet all kinds of characters and some, we should try hard not to be like them! Lots of parasites...

  12. nice to here that from you that youre feeling better now...

  13. have a great day and yehey I'm the fc

  14. Hello dear,,, cool it man, you know sometimes we dont have to get boiled over with a MTF idiots you know,, they are not up to our standard,then we will be fine,,,

    cool cool cool

  15. and dear, the truth will always prevail one lah,,,,,,,,,,,

  16. @situapui: yea not much we can do for it. damn she is a parasite to me! getting lots benefit from me. urgh~

    @bluedreamer27: yea, much better than last night. :) haha congrats for it.

    @eugene: thnx!! my days are getting bright now! :D

  17. wait.. i go get some ice first.. coz my PC's burning from this entry! lol.. u cool dy or not? i send some dry ice to ur way ok? :D

  18. Relax darlink.. Tue org yg dumb to..Kesian u..huhu..

  19. i guess i can shake hands with u, caroline.. i m also very blur one too!

  20. @Merryn: lol! PC burning still can leave comment one?? haha. cooling dy. :)

    @Angel R: relaxing diz. :) thnx darl!

    @reanaclaire: hehe gimme 5! come shake shake hand. :)

  21. My mom always taught me this, "Always do good for others without seeking for repay!" It doesn't matter what they say or do...but as long as you have done your best...the rest is history. :)

  22. @Tekkaus: my parents taught me same way too. :) just that sometimes i feel like ppl just take me for granted. :(


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