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Home Sweet Home!

3:01 PMCaroline Ng May Ling

After a night...
Home sweet home to me..

Well who don't love to be home?
Home is the most comfy place for me. :)

It's a little bit too personal for me.
Therefore, I am not going to blog about what happened last night that causing me have to go through a whole night and half day at there.
I don't like being there and just looking at those WHITE.

I am SO NOT IN THE MOOD for everything:








I am just feeling so down and getting so emotional.
(I hate to write about this)

Yesterday in the afternoon, I've chatted with a friend of mine, who is a blogger and INTIan as well.
I read his blog and actually was quite surprised with his latest post.
I shared that post with Witch as well. :)

I chat with him and we talked about his latest post, then he asked me to read his blog.
Well, just you all know that I love reading blog. So, I said okay.
I started reading it.
Seriously, I found there is another side of him. :)
I am not saying that I know him very well, but if compare to the first time I know him, its TOTALLY DIFFERENT!
Not to be mean at here, for me, he's a nice guy but HE IS A MEAN GUY!.
Hey, if you reading this, please do not blame me for saying so kay. You admitted how you are as well. :D

Later then at night, I continued reading his blog again.
I found one post and yes I am going to say I felt bit regret for reading it. 
(Sorry not going to put the link at here, too private)
That particular long long long post really reminded and flashed back everything to me.
Guess that causing me getting more emotional.
I stopped reading it after finished that post.

Not because I am sad due to that post and didn't managed to update my blog.
But there is something else happened that caused me spent my night at that so-called WHITE place, obviously not at the White House. Lol!

[ P/S: Sorry to Merryn for didn't update my blog last night! ]




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