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Happy Monday!

Monday, April 12, 2010
Happy Monday!

Early morning, tweeted and chatted with Cleffairy and had so much fun!
Also chatted with Witch as well. haha! 
She saw me through webcam and say my hair like Light Bulb! so bright!

Of all activities, the most highlighted activity of the day --> chatting with Merryn!
Seriously, both us laughed like hell this afternoon!

Chat + Webcam = LOL!

Okay she saw me and the first word from her is = U look like samseng lah girl!
Then after few minutes = Seriously u really look so samseng... i scared! lol
Hahaha! I didn't know my hair color scared her! :p
We chat, chat and chat...
We talked about hair and suddenly she mentioned about **sensor** 
OMG! I can't stop myself from keep laughing!
She also laughed like hell there!

I told her that I am going to print screen!
Then she said "dun la babe"
But, guess what?
She sent me this one!
She printed screen! Lol!
And she said this one I'm look like Puffer  Fish!

HAHA! So UGLY this one! should print screen almost the end one you said cute! :p

Below are all by me:

Actually got lots more but if post all ma no more privacy?!

We didn't stop laughing till the time we say bubye to each other. haha!
Guess you gonna say me as laughing freak right? Hahaha! 
It's fun chatting with her!

Here's special for Cleffairy, Merryn and Witch!

Sorry am not going to blog about it tonight.
Not looking good as well.
(This one also took when hanging out at colleague's house)
I will still blog about it next post, perhaps! :p
Anyway, I'm afraid those pictures gonna disappoint you all.



25 comments on "Happy Monday!"
  1. Your hair is like light bulb? Haha :D that you mentioned it...I thought your hair can glow in the dark. LOL :D

  2. guys can really chat through webcam huh! I have yet to try it. LOL :D

  3. Nice dress ler. A lot of layers. LOL :D

  4. Hahaha :D You look like Ah Lian ler. LOL :D Samseng girl.

  5. tekkaus!!!!!! why so fast?????????

  6. @Tekkaus: FC! :D hmph! yea right will glow in the dark one! hahahaha! LOL!!! so bad! call me samseng girl! ;p haha u shud try it uncle! :D yea d dress very nice but not me. wahahahha!

  7. wish i have your figure to wear that white dress :(

  8. @Merryn: LOL! he's real fast! haha

    @reanaclaire: am skinny owh. :( not looking that gud as well.. just okay okay~ only. :)

  9. oh maybe we can chat too saometime haha

  10. yikes! you look so nice with that dress....

  11. but honestly, i'm really not into chatting... i never open my ym (just my yahoo mail) and nothing more than that.. hahah i am such a boring person

  12. have a great day ...uhmmm by the way how should i name you? Caroline? May? or Ling? or you want me to call you in your whole name...

    happy blogging

  13. @bluedreamer27: samseng means gangster. :) haha y not? hehe thnx. dat one just look from far angle. haha

  14. @bluedreamer27: Carol/Caroline/May/Kathleen/MayLing will do. :)

  15. oh i see do you're a gangstah? thanks for providing your names... i will call you Carol every monday, Caroline every tues, May on wednesday, Kathleen every thursday and Mayling every friday.. saturday and sunday will be selceted randomly LOL
    Just kidding...

  16. @bluedreamer27: haha! of course am not! lol suit urself. hehe. :)

  17. Wah, your hair is really bright lar... can glow in the dark or not? ^-^

  18. Don't like to use webcam...I used for video-calls. I look so miserable...and have to dress up nicely, comb hair etc etc... I would just chat, need to see face.

  19. I think you look great in the white dress. Do post more pics. :)

  20. wow...your dress "sui"! what party u going to attend ar =)

  21. I like your white dress! But I like the pink one even more *hint* :P Hahaaha Faster make up nice nice and pose with the dresses again ok! :)

  22. Oh yes... the pink dress is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. @Kenzo: lol no party. haha.

    @iamthewitch: lol! no lar. dint make up lor, took dy. haha


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