For the very first time, i am so so satisfied with my blog's skin!
Yes after keep searching and changed after three attempts of change.
Love it!
The whole skin just matched with my google chrome's theme. <33

Just one little probbie which i couldn't edit the font and colors thingy, it keep on showing "error" so i guess I'll do it later. It doesn't matter. ;p

Yea as usual, i am actually want to post this last night after change this new skin.
I slept early, (10.50pm counted early right?) was in real exhausted mode.
Yet i woke up so damn early today which is like 5.30am.

Suddenly this across my mind - When i starts to blog and who actually influenced me to blog?

Yes the person is Elaine Charmaine Leong!
Very much thanks to her!
U guys should actually read and follow her blog!
Her blog, i mean her life have too much happenings, and yea she used to blog ALL ABOUT FOODS which is actually can make u feel hungry when u see those foods, and i guess still for now if she's not in busy with her study life. ;p
Her blog has been always the first choice for me all this while. ;)
I am dying to read her blog's update when i don't see any updates on her blog. Lol!

The second blog that i heart to read is my aunt's blog - Sarah Marilyn!
Don't be shocked when u saw her pictures for looking that young and i called her as aunt.
She is really my aunt in a way that she and my dad are cousin as her mom is my dad's aunt.
Complicated huh?
Lol. XD
She's such a cam-whores person and cam do loves her too! 

The third blog that i always keep track with of course Nicole Teo!
Yes i am totally heart her blog skin and don't be surprise to see her blog changed most frequent. XD
Love it so much! Really.

There's much more other blogs that i love and enjoy reading their updates!
Guess it just gonna take more longer time and as time goes on, i'll still blog about it. =)
U guys can see all the link i put on my blog, i am REALY DID ACTUALLY READ IT.

Recently i've known few interesting bloggers, when i say INTERESTING BLOGGER, i mean it.

Both of them are nice and please do check on their blog, just so interesting and WORTH TO READ.

Wish to write more but if i continue write, for sure am gonna late for work.



Here is Blue Rose for my First Commenter


  1. Wow...thanks for mentioning me. It's an honour. :D

  2. Changed skin and blog name as well? Nice!

    Wow! Thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog! Really appreciate it! Wait...let me tweet this! : )

  3. LOL! u're very welcome night owl! ;p saw ur tweet. ;)

  4. Oh yes, those bloggers are pretty well know, especially Foongpc. :)

  5. @Irenelim haha i actually get to know this blogger thru twitter. =)

  6. apa mau ckap ni? tetiba jak aku kena invite masuk... haizzz...

  7. just stand to say hi take care (LIL DJ SANTOSH MIX)

  8. @Victoria & @Anonymous aka Santosh : LOL from me.