- The MOST Memorable moment of Earth Hour 2010 -

Haha! The random shot of the day!

So now you all can see why I’ve been keep complaining for eating too much yet only weight gained but not physically gained?

This is the result of cam-whores after work with my colleague while waiting for our driver.
We were waiting at the parking area. I just realized the background is *urgh~*.

Okay, doesn’t matter about it.

I’m heading to Colossus Café and Bar for the Earth Hour celebration. *YAY*
I am having sore-throat yet I am still feeling excited for the celebration!

Guess what? 
The moment I reached there, I was greeted by the kids!
 Can you imagine how happy I am that time? 
They are all Mdm Susie’s kids. They call my name and come to me and gave me *huggies*. 
See how close I am with those kids? :P

By the time I reached there, Ms Susie was having discussion with her business partner, and I know him too! =) So, we chit-chat for a while and her business partner left as he got another appointment.
I continue chit-chat with Mdm Susie and her kids keep come to me and asked me play with them, especially Tessa, the youngest one.
 So, since it’s still early that time, I play with the kids and let Mdm Susie settled up some undone task. 
Yes, we played a lot!

The chef just started preparing the stuffs. 

Okay I am loving this shot, but its blurred. :(

Sweet Tessa and I. 

Am with lovely Elsa.

Heee... Having so much fun aye!

Tessa and Elsa.
My bag looks like a dress on Tessa. haha!

Elsa looks almost equal height with me!

Oh yes, I am the first one who get the certificate for joining the Earth Hour celebration! Therefore, I decided to choose the first ticket for the lucky draw!

The certificate

My ticket

Hey only for me kay! : p

Tadaa! XD

Myself with Mdm Susie

I met up with my ex-course-mates at there too!
Abigail Tay and Rosina Chai
Meeting up with them after quite long time was great! =D

Abbey, me and Sheena
We're holding our certificates! 
[ Look at us, am the shortest one. :( ]

Myself with Abbey 

Love this shot too!!!

This is mine!
Can you imagine I go for second round? 
It's like only three of us go for second round on that night. :P

The chef gave me special big prawn!

*Chicken wings*

Abbey's favorite!

Sheena's favorite!

My favorite!
If you thought am going to eat it just plain like this, you're wrong. LOL
Spread with sour cream and put the bacon on the top! Yums!

Alright I didn’t really do much photo taking, meeting lotsa friends and yes I am glad to see one of my ex-schoolmates at there. Haha!
Overall, I enjoyed my Earth Hour moments at there with all of them!
I wished I can stay longer and spend more times with them, but I left after accompany Mdm Susie eat dinner. I didn’t wait till the lucky draw. The lucky draw only starts at 10.30pm. 

That’s how I celebrated my Earth Hour night. =)

 [ P/S: I am supposed to post up this blog post last night but I fell asleep while doing it. Lol.  Its delayed again as I went to church in this morning. My sore-throat is getting worse. :S ]




  1. Nice lovely food hope your throat getting better eh. tQ

  2. @Bananaz hey u're the FC aye! =D Thnx and i really hope can get well, sore-throat not good at all. :s

  3. You are such a pretty lady.. :)
    Nice to meet you.

  4. @keeyit thnx for dropping by. :) visited ur blog, nice too. =D The fact is am not pretty lady, just look at me, how skinny i am. (lol am start complaining again):P

  5. Wow! They really cash in on Earth Hour, it seems! The food looks good...and you look good too! Thanks for dropping by my blog...and do keep coming over eh? Cheers!

  6. @suituapui lol cash in meh? dnt really think so, there's more other foods and drinks i didn't mention here eh,and they invited few music group to do acoustic performances during the earth hour moments, guess their cost is more aye! :) thnx for the nice compliment and yea of course i will keep visiting ur blog too. =D

  7. You look extremely good... forget about sore throat... haha, oh, should have invited you over to become my model!

  8. @Irenelim thnx irene for the nice compliment! haha am so honored aye! lol. just so u know, i had another bbq's dinner just now and sore throat getting worse. :S

  9. Xiexie for the FC sorry to tell ya for minor sore throat best to eat raw cucumber dip with salt. Heard the saying as cool as cucumber? I normally would eat one or two when I have irritation or take bali water with salt instead of sugar this oso can cure too. Take care. tQ

  10. @Bananaz 不用客气。hehe yea yea my dad too asked me do the same just now. :)but i never try bali water with salt leh.. the taste how?

  11. Taste lousy but work wonders. Have you tried taking Chinese medicine which is nice and sweet? haha exactly a bit strange kind of taste even the coffee shop guy thot I go bananaz lol. tQ

  12. @Bananaz OMG?! taste lousy? gosh! haha i always having prob in taking medicine one, never seen Chinese medicine sweet yet leh! i only know only kid's medicine sweet sweet one..:P my dad usually boil d those Chinese herbs medicine for me and its taste yucks! Each time teared lor. :(
    btw, im going to try it see how. :P

  13. lol.. i see suituapui in here already! lol... making a beeline eh STP? :P

  14. @Merryn lol. not beeline lar.. haha.. i visited his blog too. :) eee i become ethan's fan dy in FB. :p

  15. Did you guys switch off from 8.30 till 9.30pm after all?

  16. @jam yup, we did. we just enjoy the acoustic performance and candelite dnner. :) hehe.

  17. waaaaa the mcm budak2 ba kau carol!!! ^o^

  18. @victoria wei darling, u suppor me or not aye? hmph. i've changed a lot dy lor.. sooo mature dy worrr... hahaha... (as if)