Online Shopping with TESCO Malaysia!

Woots! Is it only me or anyone else just discovered that now we can do online shopping for TESCO Malaysia at Groceries shopping may be fun but I remember when my mom brought us for groceries shopping, I wasn't that happy especially when I have other stuff to busy with. Hence, I was so happy and excited to do grocery online shopping without the need of going out to TESCO! :p I quickly create my account and start to do the shopping. 

Online shopping if for the sake of convenience and of course, I would expect the user interface of the site would be friendly too! Well, it is user friendly and easy to do grocery online shopping on

It is easy to do the shopping on as they have wide range of items! Each item also well categorised on the site, ranging from Fresh Food, Grocery, Baby, Chilled & Frozen, Drinks, Health & Beauty, Household, Pets and Home, Office & Gifting. Since I ran out of my hair care products, I clicked on Health & Beauty and look for items under Hair Care section to view all available items. 

I was surprised with all the prices of the products! They are all same price as in store, including promotion items where you can get cheaper on certain products! Now, you know you don't need to waste your time to drive out and bear with the traffic jam to shop for grocery. :p

Yours truly were lucky to grab this while it's on promotion! :p Just click the "Add" button and it will be added in your trolley! It will appear in your Shopping Trolley at the left side bar later on. 

Click on the "View Full Trolley" to view all the items that you have selected and you are able to remove the item that you've accidentally added in earlier. You also can view and check the Guide Price stated for all your items. 

Once you have confirmed all your items, you may proceed with the "Checkout" and you will be directed to the next step where you can book a slot for delivery! They do doorstep deliver and not via any courier company! *Wohoo* I actually booked for the earliest slot (10:00-12:00) the next day just to see if they're on time. :p 
Next, you will need to select the Payment Details and the only option is "Pay at the door by card". This also means you will not be charged for your shopping until after it has been delivered to you. Well, they do not accept cash as payment for your shopping so make sure you have the either credit card or debit card when the delivery guy come over to your house. Their Customer Delivery Assistants cannot carry cash with them due to safety reasons. 

After done with payment details, you will then receive the Order Confirmation together with your order number. As per stated, you are able to edit/change or cancel your order anytime until 23:00 on the day before it is due to be delivered. 

The next day, I received call from the Customer Delivery Assistant to inform me that he is coming over in a bit to deliver my items. I was quite surprised as they're really efficient heh?! 

You also can spot the tagline "Shop Online. We Deliver" on the Tesco lorry! He came and carry the items that I have ordered together with the invoice. Before he charge my card, he actually did the double check on each item one by one with me to make sure all items are in good and original condition upon delivery. How great! 

Oh wait, if you own a Clubcard, fret not, as you are able to earn points on-line in Tesco Online Shopping! I really love this service for I can do grocery shopping whenever I want and get it deliver right at my doorstep at the time that I wish without any worries! I also can foresee more online shopping on Tesco Online Shopping in the future. :p 

Oh wait! My Stories readers get to enjoy RM10 rebate upon RM50 spend with Tesco Online! Just key in this discount code upon checking out : CHTP101M :D